need assistance hoping this is the place to be !

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  1. adam61387

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    cant figure out why my belt alignment is off .......tried all sorts of loosening pushing and pulling to no avail .. and this **** band brake is a nightmare i built this setup for no frills durability and so i can fix whatever myself ... not so much ... plus a couple other small issues ........ help !
    tanaka pf 3300-
    golden eagle belt drive-
    grubbee gt-1 cruiser in black

    angry tiny parted band brake !

  2. darwin

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    Take a look at the bike from the rear and eyeball the alignment, you should see wassup. Use a long straight thin yardstick if you have to. Remember everything can be shimmed or moved if you use your knoggin. The wheel needs to be centered between both stays ie. chain stays and the upper stays.
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