Need help getting T belt on 4G Grubee clutch

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by chrisnbush, Sep 16, 2011.

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    I have the cam loose, so the 100 tooth wheel is as close as it can be to the small toothed drive wheel.

    I have the 4G grubee 78mm style clutch, the one that fits on the Hua Shuangs that come with the clutch shoes (has a freewheel, not the one way bearing).

    It needs probably another 5mm, I am trying to work it around the big wheel (have it on the little wheel) like putting a tire on a rim. But it is just TOO tight, and again i have the cam set on the big wheel to make the smallest distance.

    Probably could get it on by prying the big wheel around with a big screwdriver, but am concerned I might damage the threads in the belt. Anyone have any experience with this ? Pretty sure I have the right belt, it is the 570 mm one.

    By the way, I love my grubee ! I have 3400 mi on the clutch plus mount (this much on the belt before it broke). At 700 miles I blew up my first Hua Sheng (my own fault, I was racing a bicyclist with a pipe I have strapped to my exhause for heat in the winter - routes the exhaust thru my jumpsuit to keep me warm - and also was running a real low gear for winter travel - i siezed up the motor). I got a Super Titan from DAX and I really like it. It gives it more power than i used to have with my 80cc modified HT. So I have 2700 on this new motor. I use something called TufOil in the oil - it is teflon particles - to make the oil slick. Hoping to get 5K out of the motor, we will see. By the way, I am got 2700 miles on the freewheel before replacing it, thought that was pretty good. I kept it lubed by dripping tri-flow into the circular crack between the inside and outside of the freewheel...

    Anyway, I'm not going anywhere until I get this belt replaced. Grr......