Need Opinions



I just bought my GEBE engine 35 with 105 spokes from Dennis, what would you suggest for a good Road Bike w/ front suspension??

Its always good to intro yourself first on here...

As to the bike, it depends what you want it for...

cruiser bikes are good although I have yet to see a full-sus one of those...

MTBs are also good but there can be issues with things such as the rear suspension and the disc brakes and such...

Pretty much any bike can be motored, its just a matter of how much you are willing to do and/or make to get the thing to work...

good luck with your build

Jemma xx
Just my opinion. I bought a Schwinn Aerostar MTB with full suspension and mounted a GEBE kit with the R/S 035 4-stroke engine. Works perfect. The tires are real agressive nobbies and a bit wide - were touching the belt. A couple of washers on the engine side of the drive gear and away I went. Its an all aluminum frame and built real strong. I have a picture of it on the post "Two engines one bike" Don't let the title scare you as I have not done it yet! Lot of good bikes out there. Stay away from disc brakes if you can and talk to Vaughn at GEBE. They are all good people there and will help you with any problems. Ask them about their exaust extension.
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