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    Hello every one
    This is my first thread.
    Indeed your help in my new project wits is ( provide bicycle with propeller & engine) I have seen many models but I would like to build my own one
    I have two questions
    1 can I use ( tractor or car radiator fan ) ?

    2 what is minimum of HP engine should I use ?
    All I have are ambition. Some money & your advances

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    what type of engine are you hooking the fan to ??
    that fan does not seem to have much blade area

    it's going to take some blade

    stick around -- look around -- there are some around here

    ride that windy thing
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Sorry to be a wet blanket, but I'd recommend forgetting the propeller idea.

    I can't imagine a car radiator fan being large enough for the job, short of insane RPMs.
    A spinning propeller on the back of a bike would be dangerous, to yourself and others, and it would surprise me a lot if the law allowed you to get away with it.

    And it doesn't seem like it would be any advantage over a chain driven off the crankshaft.

    But best of luck to you whichever way you go with it.
  4. bamabikeguy

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    Completely concur, the only way to beta test it would first try a gyro on your helmet and see if that would lift you an inch off the ground. A grown man can hold a huge squirrel cage fan and not budge an inch.

    The Wright brothers got a propeller on a bike, but it took wings to keep it going straight, and next thing you know they changed the whole design and got into the planes business.

    Jet fuel, however, is a different proposition.....:idea:

    TNNAROOT New Member

  6. Mountainman

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    yes -- there they are as I was saying -- seen them air prop things around for a while
    my first encounter with one mounted to a bicycle was aprox 50 years ago now
    I took one of my small gas powered engines with a prop and mounted it to my bicycle

    hey -- lets face it -- we like anything that pulls or pushes us !!

    if you truly wish to build one of these -- please keep in mind the following
    speed on LEVEL ground may be fair
    but -- on any slight or more uphill -- expect to be near stopped

    if we build or happen to ride someTHING like the first one shown in the video
    wear someTHING to protect the neck, head and spine
    an RC airplane hit a Lady in the back -- tore through her spine -- never to walk again

    ride that blowing THING
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  7. fetor56

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    I think all of us have seen these vids before.Good for an experiment but hardly practical.....still,it's your time & money man.

    TNNAROOT New Member

    thank you

    thank you all for this advances .
    if A small rc plane could do that . so how about ( big mitallic fan) ? may be it can cut man body to two pieces ..... oh my god
    you have saved me . thanks againe
    but may you give me better idae .
  9. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    there's another prop unit -- yes sold around -- you strap it to your back

    no I am not making this up -- it's for real -- looks down right silly !!!

    if you really wish to be the star attraction
    as everyone laughs at you while riding down the road with your prop a spinning
    what can we say -- go for it
    but -- don't go for it up (((any hills))) -- it don't work -- more laughs brought on for sure

  10. grouchyolfart

    grouchyolfart Member

    Yeah, those are units for ultralights and paragliding/sailing. See lots of those around here.

    Those small props, in the vids, look fine for riding on the flats, but doubt they'd have enough to help up hills. Look how easy it was for that guy to just stop the bike and turn it around. Hit a hill and the thang will just come to a complete stop and just make noise. :grin5:

    Well, good luck in your endeavor.
  11. BoltsMissing

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    Ok if ya an alien from a less gravity planet, but on earth, ? I don't think so
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  12. props work on hover crafts and airplanes at high speeds.
    powerful engine and large propeler blade with safety cover.
    i wouldnt use it in a populated area thou. maybe for fields and back private roads.
    but it would be cheaper to go with a chain/belt/roller.