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    Hello All: I am retired and am intrigued by this motorbike concept. I have been reading your forum for about a week. I started out considering a bike along the lines of a "Derringer" but am now unsure. At age 60, comfort is paramont. I'm looking for a bike that will get me to the gym and grocery store which is about a five mile ride. I hate starting up the fuel guzzeling truck for such short errands. Since the huge fuel increase I have stayed home feeling quite isolated and hope to get around a little more on a motorized bike. I never in my childhood got to ride one of those coveted "doodlebugs" that most could not afford. I guess it's finally my turn. Respectfully, Dave

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    hi guy; welcome to a wad of fun and knowledge. you are near a hotbed of this hobby it is ocean park wa., there are some very dedicated and weird bikers there. input ocean park in search for info on a large gathering later this month. mitch
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    what is up in portland .

    im starting to see more motorized bikes in portland everyday .
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    'Morning, Dave. Welcome to the forum. You may be interested in the Commuter Tips thread
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    Welcome from Salem

    Hello tvfrfireguy,
    I'm building my first 80cc Chineese kit. I can see your concerns of comfort. I thought a seat with Springs and coils may be ideal to dampen vibration. I'll let you know how things are going. Check out my thread hear if you get time. Ordered mine off ebay and everything is cool so far with the build.
  6. The Rans models of semi-recumbent seem comfortable and practical. I would go for a suspension seat post instead of springs. Fat tires help too.
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    Hey Guy,

    Check out the Electra Townie. I'm 6-1 and 230 and it hauls me around in total comfort with my mitsubishi TL.


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    Welcome Dave.I'm from Woodburn If you'd like to come try my Whizzer motor bike out some time I think you'd like it.I'll probably be bringing it to the Ocean park ride if I can get a ride up there.My truck is down right now.Justin

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    I work in Woodburn...

    Just built the Happy Times project and have been very pleased with first test ride being 100% successful. Whizzers appear to be well engineered. Hope to have good luck and stay on top of HT break in procedure (head re-torquing)
    I'll have to post some pics of the project. My bike is full suspension and used my wife's cross trainer with her BLESSINGS!
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    What did you decide on?

    I bought Happy Times (nick name), or "Chineese 80 cc" off ebay for 175 with shipping. I see the same seller has dropped price to 159 dollars. Great deal but is a high maintenace design. (in my opinon) But I like tinkering around with motors and wheels.
    It took about 5 hours of installation time which required carefull thinking of improvising bad mount angles and tweaking parts so they align to chain. And clutch arm lever has a bad angle for cable wear. It needs a roller cam for cable. I have not made on yet... My frame is made by Giant...and the tubes are not round but eliptical so another issue solved with anti-vibration pads from lithographic printing blanket. (5 ply canvas and rubber)
    Aint nothing to it but to do it!