Cyclemotors in New Zealand

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    Hi my name if Geoffrey Clark and I live in Napier, which is in the North Island of New Zealand. I am semi retired now and my hobby is cyclemotors. I have well in excess of sixty cyclemotors; haven't counted them lately. I like to get them up and mounted on a cycle and get them running. The cyclemotors originate from England, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, Japan and USA. There are some modern ones but my special interest is in the older ones and I have quite a number of older ones ex-USA.

    I have just completed a new building in Napier to display my collection and we are going to call that building The National Bike Shed of New Zealand. Photo attached. I will spend this winter putting the units into the new building and setting it up as it is all completed now.

    There are five major collections of cyclemotors in New Zealand. If I can help anyone with especially older cyclemotors I am only too pleased to try. I do have quite an extensive library.

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    Hello and welcome. I'm a real fan of the history of MABs and Cyclemotors certainly fill a big spot in that regard. I'd be real pleased to see some pics if you like and when you get a chance.
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    Cyclemotors in NZ

    Here are two pictures of a Vincent Firefly mounted on a Phillips Canadian frame cycle with 26 inch wheels and vibration dampener on the front axle. This cyclemotor engine was made by the very famous Vincent Motorcycle Company out of England and has alarming performance. Hope you enjoy these photos. Kind regards Geoffrey

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    She's a beauty! And you say you have sixty of them, wow. I'd love to visit your museum when you get it finished just wish you were a little closer, lol.

    These bikes with their 'attachments', as they were called, were from the golden age of motored bicycling and I truly wish that much of that spirit was rekindled in today's market. You probably know of this site but I'll post the link anyway, spent many an hour on cold winter evenings reading through this kind of stuff.

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