new kid's project. 200cc schwinn.

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    hey guys i made this account a while back and havent posted.

    so now im 15 yrs old, ive got a addiction to burning fuel :rolleyes7: and im a welder, mechanic, and fabricator (not professionally yet)

    so my new project from yesterday is a schwinn bike my friend got for free. we both feel SO (not) cool pedaling this thing down town.... :ack2: time for an engine.

    so its my friends. he buys the stuff and im helping him build it.

    so far. used honda clone $25.
    bike $free!
    clutch $free!
    jackshaft $free!
    pillow block bearings $20
    sprockets $20

    everything else i have (i have a TON of parts) ill give him for like 10 bucks.

    so heres the frame right now. a little crude but it works. had to do this to fit the engine.

    the engine. 6.5 lifan honda clone. 200cc. overhead valve.

    its going to be geared similar to my warrior mini bike. 10:1 with 19" tires on that. around 4,000 RPM from the engine. we want torque. and the ability to take it on some light dirt trails and grass. because once someone calls the cops, like someone did in my neighborhood, i can never, ever, ride there again (parents wont let me either lol)

    mock up with the engine sitting in the frame. oh and the tractor in the background? its a racer! :jester: flipped it doing wheelies though. oww.

    this is the tank im gonna use. side mounted to the frame directly above the engine. and some random pieces of fuel line to get it long enough....

    ill keep you guys updated. theres a week left of summer and i dont know if it will be done by then. and i have about 5-6 projects going on at once.

    EDIT: oh yeah. this is the video that inspired me and my friend to make it. i have a few small dirt bike tires but they didnt look right on the frame. so were going to just make it the way it is with the stock wheels at least for now. a dirt bike engine would be awesome but my friends budget only bought him the gx200 clone.
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  2. jonboy2five

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    if only...

    hey man if your photo links worked you would have a ton of comments and advice...
  3. Bluethunder3320

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    aww thats a shame. well i am posting saying i have abandoned the project because the schwinn frame had too many weak points than i like. the axles are as thin as bicycle axles, pretty much the entire thing would fall apart.

    so i guess im sticking to my racing lawnmowers and mini bikes...
  4. HeadSmess

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    it IS a bicycle...what did you expect?

    standard 3/8 axles have always been fine on bmx until they souped em all up to 9/16.

    are you really going to do 30' high jumps with it though?

    why chop up a perfectly good and hard to find bike before you decided it was too flimsy?

    now you have a bike thats useles for anything.

    if this was a resume i wouldnt hire you.
  5. Bluethunder3320

    Bluethunder3320 New Member

    resume? what? im never working for you anyway. bike was free and its not yours. theres plenty around.

    thanks for the post?
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  6. x0xmartyx0x

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    HA HA HA HA! Well, this thread was certainly a good laugh. Get 'em thunder! hahahaha.