Is it possible to put a dirt bike engine into a schwinn stingray chopper?


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7:25 PM
Mar 2, 2024
Valparaiso, Indiana
I have a 20 inch schwinn stingray chopper occ that I previously had a cheap motorized bicycle engine on and I would like to be able to shift through gears like a traditional motorcycle, I've been seriously considering getting a used kx85 dirt bike engine which is 2 stroke and I was wondering if anyone else has had this idea or done it before, would it fit without major frame modification aside from making motor mounts etc, any advice/ ideas would be much appreciated
I use a 33cc 4 stroke engine. I'm 240 lbs and live in a mountainous region. What makes it possible for me to use such a small engine is because my bike is a shifter.

Without some major frame reinforcements a bicycle frame isn't designed for super high speeds. Most places that do allow self-built motorized bicycles on their public roadways also have a speed limit restriction of 20-35 mph depending on the location.

If you'd like to stay running at your local legal speed limit, I can help you to build a shifter bike.