Parts to put an engine on an occ

I've got a few local shops like that around here. The local hardware store let's ya walk out with a few bolts if it's under a dollar. They also sell me spray paint even though I'm under 18. They know what I use it for so they have no problem selling it to me.
OMG my favorite bike story.

When I was 14 I built a 10-speed for my cousin out of scrap bikes, using one I bought from another friend.

During this same time, there were some bike thieves stealing, then painting the bikes with Chevrolet orange.

Well...I sold it. My cousin being already known by local PD, was accused of stealing it. Followed him home. Father told him I built it, and with a shotgun in his hand, told him get a warrant or get lost.

Cop came to my house. Dad gave him a tour of our garage ranting about how I scatter his tools, always working on bikes, bike junk scattered everywhere, and yes my son bought that frame, built the wheels from spokes and rims, painted and pinstriped that bike right here.

Cop invited me to his home to grab some more scrap bikes.

Oh, and all the local auto parts stores quit selling spray paint to kids.
Those were the good old days...You won't see that happening anymore in this day and
Yeah, they woulda shot my uncle, picked me up cleaned out my garage of parts and proclaim they busted a violent bike theft ring.
They'd take our shotguns too. We had two. Oh my.

The local cop wasn't a bad guy. He did make me push my yahama 100 home one day, cause I tried to hide from him.
Dad sold it.
And if you are looking at the black one in Harper I think it looks pretty clean, but if the tire is dry rotted, new tires for the rear are expensive.
I bought that tire that Schwinn uses for my T-1
It's 20x4.25 low profile with more road contact, lower
volume of air. Felt like more rolling resistance and less cushion. I took it off. Ill never use. It's yours for shipping.
I'm working on mounting a phantom to this bike now.