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    Hi. New here from Lincoln, NE. I'm a lifelong motorcycle rider and have built/modified several of the things over the years. Still have a 650. Recently I've decided that I really like the motorized bike concept and have decided to build one. I scooped up one of those Skyhawk frames this week and I'm off on a new project. Short on money (which is part of the appeal compared to a motorcycle), so this will be a matter of months, not weeks. The frame is one of the pedestal models, so I'm kind of locked into a 2-stroke, and I've never been real fond of those. I did, however, once build a Yamaha 350 café racer from the ground up (fast and nasty thing), so they aren't foreign to me. I've been reading a number of posts here, and the site is going to be really useful. I appreciate being able to hang around, and if there is another member in Lincoln I'd like to meet him.
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  2. butterbean

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    Watch that frame, they're known to crack at the pedestal mount and where the down tube meets the head tube. They're also aluminum, which means reinforcement or repair is difficult and expensive.
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    I hear you on the being short on funds though. I've got about a grand in a build that I've been working on for a year now.
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    Yep. And crooked front motor mounts, I hear. Still, it's an inexpensive and fairly attractive starting point.
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    I'm hoping that if I take my time I'll be able to bargain hunt. Same strategy that I've used on a bunch of bicycles and motorcycles.
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    One advantage that you will have is that you have lived long enough to have developed patience. You will find this to be a valuable skill in this new endeavor!

    Welcome aboard.
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    Welcome to the forum 'old biker guy'.
    You will feel right at home here ;-}

    Just a note about those frames...
    There are real Skyhawk GT2's, and cheap knock-offs.
    If you got it at gasbike or kings it's a fake.

    Just look to see if the frame has V-brake bosses on the back, if not it's a weak fake.

    That aside the pedestal frame is actually ideal for a small 4-stroke.
    It has ac S shaped down tube opposed to the other model with a V frame that is supposed to fit a 4-stroke better.

    I made a 4-stroke fit but it's not ideal.


    That is a 49cc 4-stroke with a shift kit and 3-speed back wheel.

    The pedestal base should be much easier and you might even be able to use the pedestal to support your flat 4-stroke base.

    Welcome aboard and have some fun as options aboud.
  8. butterbean

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    I didn't even know there were fake Skyhawk frames. Thanks for sharing that, kc.