NEW Worksman bike board track racer drum newsboy

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by dv8cam, Oct 1, 2009.

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  1. dv8cam

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    Almost NEW (2 months old) Worksman Newsboy Bike silver metalic frame, with chrome rims & fornt drum brake and the HD spokes. includes headlight, board track racer type lack bars. I was going to do full blown board tracker build but had to abandon project because of $. My loss, your gain. WHy spend $500 on a bike you will cut & weld anyway?

    $375, in person pick up in the Los Angeles area. Pics to follow. Please email me reict at dv8cam at hot mail

  2. dv8cam

    dv8cam Guest

    pic posted

    Pics now posted. See below.

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  3. dv8cam

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  4. 1 low 64

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    Friendly advise, I’d do something about that shipping total. Anyone who isn’t in the LA area will definitely be turned away. Try eBay’s shipping calculator, it’s never let me down and all you have to do is input box dimensions and weight. BTW Very nice bike
  5. dv8cam

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    I don't really have time to deal with boxing & shipping so it is priced to cover shipipgn & handling. If you search around this very site though, you will find that many frame buidlers are charging $200-300 shipping on frames alone, so this price for a full bike is pretty much in line with what people are charging. It will sell locally anyway as SoCal is where you find many custom bike folks.
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    Shipping a heavy bike is about $60 to $70 in a bike box, typically $50 if it is under 30lbs.

    Thats quite a bit of "handling" charge there. I would be interested if a brand new one wasn't $339 plus $60 shipping.
  8. dv8cam

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    That's bull or back in 1986.
  9. 1 low 64

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    Sorry but he's right, maybe you need to contact UPS directly, because I've shipped many heavy parts and bikes and only had one thing go over $70 and it went to Alaska and weighed around 45 lbs.