Newbie to 4 stroke


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Sep 22, 2017
Hi I'm just planning out my next build... I've built a few of these before but never a 4 stroke kit. Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of the most inexpensive 4 stroke that is not complete garbage and comes with most if not everything I will need to assemble and ride without being disappointed. I already figure I will go with BBR tuning wheels to eliminate any issues with a sloppy sprocket/weak wheels as well as a good chain tensioner. Engine is to be mounted on a cheap huffy beach cruiser. Also would like to know any additional parts I will need so I can get it all in one stop shop. Thanks again!

PS I attached a pic of my last bike it was a lot of fun and had 2 stroke professionally built by Steve Duncan of Ozark Cruisers. Was super fast but blew up due to cheap aftermarket ignition... Would like to avoid any problems like that with this next build.




Good choice. 4 strokes pull better and are typically much more reliable. The HS 49cc is the honda 50 clone are fairly decent and inexpensive.

Tips include:
1) Straight pipe about 28-29". So ditch any box muffler with kit

2) Good flow air filter. So ditch the foam box with the engine kit. Sick bike parts, etc. have them.

3) Stock carb is the only one that works well IMO but others use NTs, better 4 stroke carbs, etc. with good success. Make sure adjustment screws are accessible.

4) Heavy duty back wheel and clamshell sprocket assembly so no wheel warping. Just making sure..

Other mods but those seem to be best and cheapest usually. Good luck!