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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by butterbean, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I installed this catch can today. I had to mount it in kind of a weird place, though. I wanted to mount it on my seat tube, but it wouldn't fit there due to my engine mounts. So the only other place it would fit was on my double kickstand. Its an extra tall kickstand, and it has a part below the frame that doesn't pivot, so I mounted it there with the hose clamps provided with it. The fuel line I was using to vent my crankcase was already long enough to reach from my valve cover to my kickstand, in fact I had to shorten it a bit. The description of the catch can says it comes with one inlet tube and one petcock, but it has three holes and came with two threaded barbs for attaching fuel lines, so I assumed that one of the top holes was meant to be used as a vent. I went to advance auto and got an extra fuel filter and attached it to the spare inlet tube with a small length of fuel line. The fuel filter will act as a breather filter, keeping dirt out of my catch can and most likely out of my crankcase as well. The catch can has a simple twist open/shut petcock on the bottom of it, so whenever I want to empty the catch can, I can just stick a measuring cup under it and twist open the petcock. I'll probably empty it about once a week.
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    Is it baffled? Or is there anything inside of the can to separate fuel/oil aerosol from the air?
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    As far as I know, no. That wasn't my concern. I just needed a catch can so that I wouldn't have to vent my crankcase to my carb or to the open air. Since the catch can has a petcock, I'm assuming that aerosol won't be a big issue. It wouldn't have a petcock to drain it if it wasn't going to fill up. Also, having a filter on the end of the catch can's breather tube should keep at least some oil from escaping. Before using this catch can, I was venting my crankcase to the open air. Not that I'm concerned with aerating the oil, but I'm sure having a catch can will aerate less oil than venting to the open air.