No police harassment or mindless road rules in this country

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fabian, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Interesting concept, Fabian could introduce kangaroos and boomerangs to Cuba. New food supply and a way to harvest all in one.:jester:
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    Fabian, also wanted to add that motorized bikes ARE illegal in Cuba. (to keep those health care costs down)

    People cobble them together and ride them because they are too poor to afford anything better. Viva la revolution!!!
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    Dang, now there was some home brew bikes in that video!!!!
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    Jeremy Clarkson is always entertaining. Even in Cuba.
    This was done a long time ago by his youthful appearance. The Lada is a russian made car- the kind he likes to destroy when home in the UK. Check out some of his other vids on youtube.
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    Just an question. There are members here from U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Russia and probably about every other nook and cranny on the planet. Has anyone from Cuba ever paid us a visit?

    With all the bikes down there, one would think we would have quite a Cuban community on MBc.
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    The Cuban government doesn't allow internet access. What would Fabian do without youtube? lol
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    Gee, I don't know what to say. I mean, Michael Moore said it was so nice down there, I just don't know what to believe.
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    This is not true, Cuba has internet it is expensive and
    the Goverment does block many sites. There are also Internet Cafe's in Cuba.
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    LOL that is article from 2008 There are wifi hot spots
    you can use for free if you cant afford to pay ISP
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    A member once posted motorized bike pics from Cuba. Can't remember if it was this forum or the other one. They appeared to be legal there.
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    Do you live in Cuba? What kits are available down there, I know there are restrictions with US companies but you must have HT's? No WalMart but you must have some large discount chain from another country, what bikes can you get?

    This is so cool bro, post some pictures of your machine.
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    Sounds like you should move there too. I hear their health care system is "world class".

    WiFi hotspots in Cuba. lol Yeah, at the numerous Starbucks I'm sure..........they're probably stealing the WiFi at the Starbucks at our GTMO military base.

    Here is another article that is less than a year old:,0,4376220.story

    In the above story it explains how "ordinary Cubans" can have email access at the post office, but web access is censored. So to get by the censoring, the people started tapping into the unrestricted internet available at hotels. (for the tourists) The government figured that out and banned ordinary Cubans from accessing the internet at the Hotels. He11, even their government employees get restricted access.

    But lol, that news is almost 1 year old, I'm sure by now there are unrestricted public WiFi access points at every streetcorner. The reason why we don't hear from any Cubans is because they all hate Americans because of our trade embargo. (even though the rest of the world vacations and trades with them, they are living in poverty because of us, not their government.......)
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    You must be wrong, your description of Cuba is nothing like Michael Moore presented in his documentary on health care. Why would he lie? People down there are riding MB for the same reason we are, the wind in our hair and the sun on our faces. You make it sound like a third world dictatorship!

    People like you scare me!
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    The Cubans are world class sailors and yachtsmen..they can navigate to the shores of Florida on a few truck tires and a bunch of plywood..maybee they are thinking HT motores now.
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    Could this possibility be the reason. This is a few years old but still the same.

    By TRACEY EATON | The Dallas Morning News
    Feeling pain at the gas pump? Be thankful you don’t live in Cuba, where the typical worker must labor for an entire week just to earn enough for a gallon of the precious stuff.

    The average Cuban makes $12 a month, and the top grade of gas costs $3.41 a gallon.

    “Not everyone can afford it,” said Ailet Pel�ez, 20, a cashier in Havana. “I save money so I can buy gas. And I use my car only when necessary. Cars here are luxuries.”

    By the way, the only harassment I've experienced here in Alabama is when the police stop you to get a better look, which is not often. They usually catch a look see at my son's bike when he is at work. They are totally 100% legal, heck with front and rear lights they are legal at night. No drivers license 16 and over, no registration, no inspection, and no tag.
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    Dang, they have a trade embargo imposed from the United States, but have trade agreements throughout the world. How in the world could they be living in poverty just because of a trade embargo from us...**** most of the **** in the stores we buy is imported...come on.. Besides most Cubans live in Miami
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    Cuba rocks! I went there 3 yrs ago and stayed 4 months, it was an awesome place.