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    If my old memory is correct, not too long ago some of the supply houses offered steel tubing similar to electrical conduit that came in various lengths and diameters. There were the usual couplings, "T"s,"L"s, etc. for joinging the tubes together. I believe the joints were then sealed with a strong epoxy "glue".

    I was thinking this might let us non-welders make some bike and trike frames ... or at least trailers and luggage racks.

    Does anyone know if this available anywhere?

  2. Happy Valley

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    I am aware of EMT tubing used for DIY lightweight bike trailers. You can find this with a simple search on the web. Fittings and unions are available ususally with set screw attachment as it's galvy and emits toxic smoke with welding.

    As for making bicycle frames from it, or any tubing epoxied together for that matter, I would say it's a no go.
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  3. I would at least bolt it with cross bracing.

    they make strong expoxies some are used to put steel replacement car panels on instead of welding. I am not sure of their strength but I would look into that I think either SEM or 3M made them, a good auto body supply place should be able to tell you if it is still available.

    as for welding galvinized you have to wear a respirator with a filter set up to remove the vapors or you will be sick on your stomach beyond belief.

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    My trailer uses 3/4" EMT for the majority of my added pipe. However, it's stiff and strong, but it bends easy with too much stress. I used 3/4" RIGID water pipe for the bearing supports because the EMT would bend after a while.

    No welds, it's all bolted together!

    EMT is great, but for ultimate strength, RIGID water pipe is the best, but it's heavy.
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    those epoxy THING products -- trully fine stuff over all

    but -- our frames take a lot of stress
    to build a bicycle frame or to repair a broken frame -- should not be used

    I really like and use epoxy all the time
    have about 6 tubes now -- fast dry and 24 hour dry
    have to admit after 40 of using -- at most times -- very happy with the product

    as we ride those things
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    Why not go first class with cro-molly tubing used in building home built aircraft, lots of sizes, thin wall-thick wall, no gas welding, braze or tig. (epoxy)

    "aircraft spruce" is the place
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    Thanks for all the input guys ... appreciate it.

    BTW, I wasn't suggesting using EMT for a bike frame ... too weak I'm sure. I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with that "other" tubing ... which I can't remember the trade name of ... wish I could.

    James E ... thanks for the tip on cro-moly. I'll google it.
  8. Happy Valley

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    Chromoly is a high strength low alloy steel already long in wide use by some higher end production and many custom bicycle frame makers. It is an ultimately weldable material.
    I used to hear it referred to as "aircraft tubing".

    How about carbon just need a little garage space.:grin5:
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    Hey Happy,
    Thanks for the link ... much of it might be a little over this shadetree mechanic's head (and budget) but it will certainly be good reading. I think I feel some ideas coming on already!