Non Conventional DIY Medium Power Dynamo

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Fabian, Oct 13, 2009.

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    WOW, nice find and real good of you to share.

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    Hi Steve

    It's not powerful enough for my application but it may be perfect for others wanting to run a bunch of high intensity LED's.

    I'm always on the hunt for new and interesting things; happy to share whatever information comes to hand.

    Cheers Fabian
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    Thanks, Fabian. This is almost exactly what I've been looking for - now I need to locate the appropriate motor and sprocket, as I plan to use an electromagnetically clutched sprocket to control whether or not the "generator" is actually being driven on my trike. It will, disengaged, run as an idler in the chain loop to the mid-drive from the primary jackshaft.
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    man that is a lot of over-complication... wouldn't it be easier to just not ride after dark??? You do still have a car don't you???
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    Sure, but if I can just get my health issues under a bit better control I intend to do some VERY extended touring on my trike. First up is a trip along the Great Smoky Mountains Parkway from Tennessee to North Carolina, if I can get everything lined up. I'll haul the trike to my friends place in Tennessee, ride the trike to Asheville, NC to another friends place, rest up 2-3 days and ride back again. I want good, bright lights on the rig, and I want an onboard recharging system for them and the light in my pup tent trailer.

    As designed the trailer is a 30 inch wide by 48 inch long perimeter framed two wheel trailer that unfolds to 8 feet long, with the tent being a two fiberglass wand tensioned fabric semi-cylinder with side access and a rainfly. Pull the wands, collapse the tent, fold the base forward from it's rear edge into traveling position, fold the two adjustable length support legs, slide the wands into the side support frame members, and roll. Total trailer weight with tent and rainfly, including sleeping bag, is 26 pounds (by calculation). Other gear is in the watertight tub that sits on the folded frame.
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    sounds like fun... that's a long ride though. Are you riding a 2-stroke chinese engine that far???

    What about this tent trailer??? I love stuff like that... me and the wife just bought an off road teardrop trailer for our new jeep. Going to the beach this weekend for the maiden voyage. If all works out, we are going to travel the pacific crest trail all the way up California and see all the national parks this summer.
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    I've got a "tent trailer" which opens out into an 8' x 8' flat floor with 16 inch deep storage wells and drawers under the floor. Open it out, level it with the feet, and set up the 6' x 8' cabin tent on top. That's based on an HF 4' x 8' trailer. All up, the trailer/tent combo weighs 560 lbs, which my Corolla tows just fine. I'll add three lock down points to the under side (when open) of the fold-out leaves to lock the trike to for towing. As a disabled citizen I have a federal pass to all national recreation areas and National Parks, including any attached museums/exhibits. As a medically prescribed handicapped assistance mobility device the trike can be used on any tails it will fit on in them, even trails closed to regular bikers. Most states honor the pass as well, so getting around in the parks is much easier for me. The bike tent trailer will be built out of EMT tubing. Design is complete, but I'm not in a terrible hurry to get it finished as I won't need it before next summer at the earliest. Meanwhile I'll continue working on getting the trike just as I want it.

    Right now it is powered by an HT 2 cycle, but I am contemplating replacing that with an HF 4 cycle engine.