Not so Budget build

This is my first post, but my second motorized bike. The first was a Kent mb with a 66cc that i bought completed. It was great, but I gave it away a few years ago before ever doing anything to it.

I've built a 48v/1600watt scooter for running my dogs that I gave to my nephews, and a 48v/1000watt fat tire mb that i still own at another property. my main complaint about electric bikes has always been up-front cost, don't store well, and break-fix cost. It seems if you let the ebike sit for a few months and come back, something is now not working... moisture got to something... your $400 battery is half the ah or totally bricked... something.

So I decided last month to try a cheap yd100 budget build for going 8mi back and forth from the store. Here's my initial plan.
150 for schwinn sidewinder
115 for ebay yd100 kit
53 for 56t+adapter
12 for double brake lever
6 for shorty cnc intake
Plus a few bolts/etc

Total $350. Now the "but".
I ran the bike over backing out to go get the packages. I destroyed the front wheel and fork... so updates costs:
50 for a solid fork with disc brake mount
20 for Craigslist 26" wheel set

we're now at $420 and haven't even got it started yet, but finally... it started.

The shorty cnc intake on this bike puts the carb in a angle that seems to flood the motor, so the carb either leaks wildly or won't start after float adjustments. I'm currently waiting for an offset intake that I'm hoping I can bent enough to get the carb to sit level, and while I wait I ordered an nt carb, air filter and 10mm circle clips.
12 for nt carb
8 for circle clips
7 for offset intake
5 for cone air filter


Still waiting...

Forgot pics


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I would have had ammo cans myself, but where I live, you can't find any surplus ammo cans that aren't being used for ammo...Lots of guns and lots of ammo down
Hell, you can get Harbor Frieght ammo cans now. Lol