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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by az cra-z, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. az cra-z

    az cra-z Guest

    Hi everyone! I've been visiting this site for some time, thought it was time to jump in. Greetings from Hell's waiting room (SE AZ)!

    My current project is a go-kart motor on the back of a tandem. Waiting for the Torq-A-Verter to arrive. Will post pics as soon as I get it going (soon, I hope).

    You can see pics of the tandem in progress, me, and other bike motor projects at my Flickr site, search under people for "Bicycle Mark". Enjoy!

    Later, dudes!

  2. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    welcome to MBc
    the AZ group just keeps getting bigger !!!
  3. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

  4. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    welcome to MBc
    just got to love when we all get together,man that going to be sweet 10+ riders going though town!!!!! 8) hey!!!all I got an Idea for a name for our chapter MBc AZ Chapter Right Lane Riders>>>>>coolness

    Welcome to the club az cra-z! :smile:
  5. spunout

    spunout Member

    Welcome to MBc, az cra-z! good to have you here (at the forum, and in Tucson :lol: )
    Happy :mrgreen:
  6. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    welcome to the MBc 8)
  7. Welcome :grin:
  8. Welcome, good to see another big engine project under way. :D
  9. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Welcome to the group!
  10. davidsis

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    Welcome bro make sure you get those pictures out asap.
  11. az cra-z

    az cra-z Guest

  12. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    Welcome to MBc. The AZ group is growing :razz:

    I can't wait for a ride. But lets wait till the temp drops below tire melting stages. Might be time for a northern AZ mountain ride.
  13. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest


    welcome to MBc az cra z! good luck and happy motoring! :grin:
  14. davidsis

    davidsis Guest


    I see you have a mx 5. How do you like it?
  15. grakker

    grakker Guest

    Just got back from visiting an old friend in Prescott. Not too bad up in the mountains, but I don't see how you do it in the lower desert. My AC could barely handle the heat. And that was at 5-7pm. Damn.

    Northern AZ is right. Just adjust your carburetors.
  16. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    agreed...at 110 it feels like the hairs on your arms are being singed :lol: ,
    but I like to get a little ride in, most days 8)
  17. az cra-z

    az cra-z Guest

    Question answered and a sneek peek

    Well, it's currently sitting in a box in my kitchen, the motor mount broke when I tried to put it on a different bike (any offers?). It worked pretty well, but was never reliable enough to go to work or anything. Usually had to put a squirt of primer into the spark hole as the carb was very prone to flooding. Also, I wasn't too happy to change the tire every 400-500 miles, and the rubber that got scrubbed off made quite a mess of everything. I don't have any place outside to park it and didn't really like that "2-stroke" smell in the house, even though I ran the carb dry before bringing it in (even drained the bowl).

    The trike on my Flickr site has electric motors (those silver cylinders flanking the front wheel). Still have this setup, just waiting for batteries to get light and cheap :???: Got it off ebay, it was called the "Sunward Bike Booster" and was meant to go on the back wheel (of a two-wheeler).

    So, here's a low-res pic of the terrible tandem. Still working on chainline issues.

  18. Wow! I recognize the torque-a-verter, but what size engine is that? That things gotta be 5hp or more! :D

    Unless you've got a 50tooth or over sprocket your tandem may be capable of highway speeds...
  19. That is a great idea. Sure fixes the problem of where to put the motor.

    Looks like a drag bike and I bet with that donk you smoke it up on the line :grin:

    This has got me thinking about doing one myself so I'll be looking out for a tendem now that previously I would not have thought about :shock:
  20. az cra-z

    az cra-z Guest

    yep 'ers

    Yeah, I plan to be going at least 15-20 before I even bring the motor online. I really want to keep the left hand freewheel, though (Staton wheel), anyone ever try to weld a big sprocket onto a freewheel??
    The engine was made by Lifan (BIG Chinese motor manufacturer), claims to be 163 cc and 5.5 HP, but the 6.5 HP version looks exactly the same! Wanna bet there's a restrictor plate in the carb as the only difference?!