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    Nice, but $549 more than I paid for my lightly use mountain bike.
    I do like the built in tanks better than the add on peanut tank.
    You still have to rig clutch, throttle and sprocket. Still need a full instalation kit.
    Not a lot of gain I'd think.

    I think you'd be better to buy a lightly used high quality bike. Still, I like the built in tank.

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    If you have the cash then that's badass. But for that price you could buy a used dirt bike and do twice the stuff that could. I put mine on a beach cruiser from Wal-Mart
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    Who the hell are BBR Tuning you ask? A Northamptonshire based tuning company that worked on the Mazda MX-5 :) I suppose there's no point trying to be original anymore with only 26 letters in the alphabet.. :rolleyes:

    at least the fork is top quality! Made by that well known manufacturer "suspension" ;)
    Ooh and alloy wheels that you can never true and have no give to help them resist impacts; but who needs that when it's a great trusted wheelset brand like "Mag". ;)
    Brake made by that trustworthy old brand "disc". ;) The real (think they meant rear) brake is a v brake aka direct/linear pull cantilever but they call it a caliper and couldn't be bothered putting the boot on properly for the picture or setting the saddle at a reasonable angle for a human... :rolleyes:
    One piece crank on an adult bike.. Ohh! :)
    Plastic pedals.. Mmm :)

    Hang on a minute! o_O
    I'm starting to think these are all no-name cheapest cheapie cheapo parts I can get off fleabay for peanuts but wouldn't, attached to a frame that can leak fuel if I crash because it has the fuel tank as a part of the structure. Great! :)
    AND I can't strap my fishing rods to the top tube. That'll save me much wasted time and money! :D

    Sorry. I'm glad there's no rule against sarcasm here, lol.
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    nothing wrong with plastic pedals. have you ever dug a metal pedal into the asphalt? it's nasty. the asphalt just grinds away the plastic pedal with no drama.
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    I have. Only smashing about on the bmx or sliding out and going down on the road, though. All my pedals have big scrapes on the end, that's why I mostly switched to silver pedals.
    I have nothing against composite body pedals like Nukeproof Electron Evo. It's just the Alibaba/Walmart (and OEM pedals that you get on new low & mid level bikes if you keep them on, but they are on there just as a courtesy so you can test ride the bike).
    On this bike they cannot be replaced with decent pedals until you replace the crank. I feel like they are on there to make it appear they are giving you more for the $599 than they really are.
    Which was my original point. I think their business plan was
    1: Get an un-original name.
    2: Get an Alibaba account and some crap.
    3: Profit!
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