Brakes oversized "V" brakes???


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Apr 23, 2008
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I looked at othere threads and couldnt find an answer anywhere... i am currently on my sophmore build and its a GT Kustom Kruiser and i have a Spookytooth 80cc and some big-ol Ape hangers. Anyway the bike came with drum brakes front and rear. the front are great, but the rear i had to change out the hub to a skinnier hub and a BMX freespinning sproket. Now the rear brakes are non existant! so i bought a set of generic V brakes from the local bike store and the end of the arm where the pad would hit the rim is hitting right in the middle of the tire (24x3') and thats not going to work. I cant to Disk cause i dont have the flange and was thinking of making an offset Z shaped link that would extend the pad further down adn closer to the rim. If anyone has done this before or has a better suggestion on where i could buy a bigger brake of a better option all together it would be greatly appreciated
Check out the new school style brake pads. Not only are they wider but the thread studs are longer. This means you can bring these pads further in by moving the spacers and washers inboard. Then adjust the V brakes out so that it will clear the tire. I dunno what your system is like but I did this to some side pulls and it solved my clearance issues.
(edit) Wait. I see now. Your pads are rubbing on your tire. Did you get the BMX style brakes?
We're gonna need to see a pic.
You may have to go BMX style with the side pulls.
With the drum fronts that should be plenty anyway.
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yea the 2nd part of your answer, ill try looking for the BMX sidepulls, do you know if they mount like the other "V" with the mounting bolt right on top (where the fender would mount)
a rough sketch

sorry about the size i had to shrink it a lot, the red is the proposed new linkage out of steel strap about 3/16" thick and 1" wide let me know what you think.


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hi anch; try tektro the have many options. sure do miss ak. . i have no halibut or salmon. first time in 30 years.. good luck mitch
problem solved!

tektro....Good call they have one specifically for beach cruisers with 3" wide tires! and they have chrome or BLACK!!!!
thanks guys now i can rip and stop (if i have to)