Will fluid down hill MTB brakes be ok with vibration?


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5:51 AM
Jan 27, 2024
Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Some thing like this. I am a big fan of powerful 1 finger brake but just not sure if the vibration would get to the maybe put rubber on the handle bar mount would work . I am planning to have V brakes for the rear and fluid for the front. This is the first build so may no be the best.
"vibration would get to the" Get to what? Are you thinking of wraping ruber on the handlebar and then mount the brake lever on that? I'm using hydraulic front brakes for the first time also on the bike I am currently building. My advice would be...........just put it all together and evaluate it after your first ride. Make any changes after that if you feel it to be necessary. Some of those downhill mountain bike racers have hydraulic brakes which work just fine. I doubt if you are going to ride you new build under those conditions.
At the moment there are no front brakes. I was wondering if it would crack like aluminum frames because all hydraulic brakes are aluminum. Or does the frame just have to be steel and not all the other parts to avoid cracking?
I got line pull hydraulic brakes. You just use a regular bicycle brake cable, but it is stil a very functional hydraulic brake
Hydraulic front brakes are fine as was previously stated. No worries with that. The only thing is you can't put front and rear on the same lever as you can with line pull brakes.