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  1. CMA_Decky

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    I'm thinking about painting my engine. I have some engine ceramic paint I got from the auto shop. Should I just stick to the whole thing, crank case, covers, or not even bother? Any tips? Advice?

    EDIT: It's a standard 2 stroke chinese engine.
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  2. mechcd

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    I'm not exactly sure how its done but I had an 86 Yamaha Radian that had glossy black paint on the cylinder head and cooling fins. The edges of the fins were shiny aluminum though so it looked really sharp with the black/aluminum contrast.

    Paint it and then carefully sand the edges?
  3. CMA_Decky

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    I was thinking about painting the crankcase red-orange. Figure with it would go well witht he flat black paint job. It's either going to be a good rat rod look or look really tacky, we'll see.
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    scroll down to the bottom of this page.....
    you'll see "Similar Threads".

    you will see some good ideas about engine painting. :idea:

    good luck....we will want pics!! :D
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    Yep I painted mine high temperature matt black. Looks well nice! Then use sandpaper on the edges of the fins to take the paint off, looks so much better, almost like its something really powerful! I would go for it if I was you, just make sure everything is masked off properly.