Picked up 3 old Briggs and Stratton engines...what to do, what to do!

Spicy McHaggis

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Feb 2, 2008
Hi again everyone - it's been about 13 years since I last posted on here!

So this past weekend I picked up 3 old Briggs and Stratton engines...a 1946 Model B (weighs about 80-90lbs!), a 1952 Model 8, and a 1962 Model 100202.

At one point around 2010 or so, I had purchased a Sportsman Flyer frame, tanks, and a few other things from Pat Dolan. Built up something with a chinese engine and then subsequently sold it before my military transfer. :-/

I've got the bug - AGAIN. Bad, this time. Think along the lines of the Flying Merkel, etc. And I want to use one of these B&S engines (would love to use the Model B but I'm worried it's physically too big). I'm not worried about speed...it's more about the look and the old mindset of throwing an engine onto a bicycle frame and having fun!

I've been searching here and trying to find answers before asking - but what suggestions do you all have to start the process towards that end goal I have in mind? Go for another Sportsman Flyer? Find an old Schwinn, Hawthorne, etc?

Thanks again - looking forward to getting back into it!

The first and second pictures are of the Model B... the red gas tank is the Model 8, and the one with the exposed fins is the 100202.


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Back from the dead huh? LOL, welcome back, keep us updated on your progress. Those old engines go for a pretty penny on Ebay if running or just for parts.
I think the model 8 would be wicked. I too love the briggs engines and have a collection of almost a dozen. I am gonna build a bike with one at some point, hopefully soon.

Are you building this bike to keep or to sell? If it is to sell I'd go with the cheaper of the frames you are looking at, but if it's for you you should go with whatever you feel is the best to fit your look.
The one with the red fuel tank wassup with that fill cap? Looks weird, how does it open up? Never seen a fuel inlet like that.