Project 'Purple Haze' is a go. Stretched Schwinn stingray + 212cc Honda clone

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by timfields45, May 12, 2015.

  1. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    Whats up everyone. I am starting an official build thread for my new project I am dubbing Purple Haze.

    -Frame is/was a 2009ish Schwinn OCC Chopper Stingray
    -Engine is a 212cc Honda clone (aka Predator aka Harbor freight engine)
    -CVT clutch/transmission

    Today I started with stretching the frame. Added 6 1/2" to the top tube and split the down tubes:

    Today was its last day of looking like this (next to my real bike):




    Mock up of the new top tube length:


    Plated under the the headtube gusset and added split down tubes:


    All welded up, going to clean everything and have it powder coated once all the fab work is done:




    Still waiting on CVT, sprockets, and twist throttle to arrive.

    In the works to make in the near future:

    -6" to 8" over springer front end
    -7/8" bars
    -exhaust with annoying dinging rain flapper
    -sissy bar
    -foot rests
    -lots of other little junk

    Well that's it for now boys, what do you think???


  2. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    looks killer, but for legal reasons it might be a good idea to put pedals on it. you won't need them with a predator but unless you're registering this as a custom built motorcycle and getting a vin # and tag on it you will almost certainly be harassed by the police for going without pedals.
  3. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    Can't argue with that. How functional do said pedals need to be? Can I just use the cranks and pedals as foot rests or do they need to spin?
  4. 074KU

    074KU Member

    The answer to that would depend on how much scrutiny you want your build to stand up to.. going past a police car on the other side of the road, pedals as pegs is probably good enough but I would be guessing that you would be buggered if you got pulled up and they were not in some way attached to the drive train.
  5. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Maybe another project (with your skills) could be to recreate a compact V-twin version of this recreation of the original Flying Merkel,


    or a recreation of the Verdel, with a minaturised 100cc 5 cylinder radial engine,

  6. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    Those bikes are awesome. The radial engine is really cool. I definitely plan to build more bikes when time allows. Right now I'm in the midst of buying a home and building an Audi race car... among countless other projects. I am sure I will be hooked on the custom bicycles for quite some time... just like my motorcycles but alot cheaper!

    I guess with the small amount of public road use this will see, I might just use the pedals for foot rests and take my chances. It's mainly to bring to get togethers and stuff like that, if I ride on the street it will most always be my cruiser.
  7. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    I dig it. Not the motors final resting spot but you get the idea.

    Probably will use the stock seat with some springs or something for a more back friendly ride
  8. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    yeah with your weight almost over the rear wheel you will get jarred pretty good without any suspension
  9. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    if he's ever ridden a hardtail before he'll know what to expect
  10. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    I sure am familiar with the feeling. As a joke last year, I brought that bike to our local chair lift serviced mountain bike park. We did an open downhill race and I rode that thing down from the top of the mountain, terrifying. I did not win the race but I did win over some hearts. Theres a picture floating around somewhere. I'll try to find it!
  11. miketaco

    miketaco Member

    pullin up to a downhill mountain bike race on a hard tail chopper not even a spring seat...and came out alive...bro that's like equivalent to street credit on bikes.... respect...

    oh sick build going so far nice frame gunna look good like how it was told..
  12. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    CVT came in... tossed it on there and set the engine assembly in the frame...


    Going to pick up some chain this weekend. Planning to mount the engine and mess with the rear sprocket/rag joint.

    Planning to TIG up an aluminum gas tank for it. Not sure how I wan that to look yet, but I will come up with something cool. Maybe the coffin style used on chopper motorcycles would look cool. Polished of course.

    This is the color the frame will be (this is my fiances bike frame we just rebuilt and powder coated), Illusion Purple with Casper Clear coat (matte finish).


    ^Purple Haze might make more sense now!
  13. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    Progress!!! Sprocket and rag joint installed. Chain installed. Engine mounting tabs welded on.

    6 bolt disc brake hub adapter on its way!

  14. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    Alright guys, a bunch more stuff is done.

    *exhaust does not look like it does in the pictures as of tonight.



    Started mocking up a mini springer, its about 6" over the stock stanchions. This is a very rough idea at this point, might leave a few holes on each pivot arm to have the ability to change leverage ratios. This is a trial for a full version I am going to make for my real motorcycle.


    *shameless self promotion*

    Made 2 of these for a downhill mountain bike race 2 weeks ago. The 2 first place winners loved them!
  15. butre

    butre Well-Known Member

    that's looking miles better than the DIY springer I did a while back. mine works great but looks pretty ratty. There's quite a few things I'd do over if I had the chance, like the way that spring mount bends down towards the tire. hasn't been an issue yet but it sure makes me nervous.

  16. timfields45

    timfields45 New Member

    ^ got to start somewhere right!?!?

    Got a little more done today: