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    Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I introduced myself, so hello again! At the time I joined, I was just interested in learning more about motorbikes, but today I made the move and ordered myself a motor from bikeberry. I got and can't wait on it to arrive. The only problem is that I'm picking up a bike this week sometime, but I'm torn right down the middle on whether I should go with the Kulana Moondog (orange) or a Schwinn Del Mar? What do you guys think? I have read up on each, its just a tough decision, I like both bikes. Let me know what you all think, and I hope to keep gaining knowledge from you everyday. Thanks for all you guys have thought me -sly

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    I really like the Del Mar. It's a great looking bike and I've thought about buying one for myself.

    Can you even get a Moondog anymore? They seem to have disappeared.

    Anyway, we're glad you're taking the plunge and joining up with us. And that engine looks like a nice one.