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    Dear Reader-
    You can help by using the e-bay search bar at the top of the page, & it doesn't cost a cent

    Please read Tom's post about e-bay:


    TWalker in a Harley Parade:

    TWalker and a passenger:

    Have you had any media coverage? Feature reporters and small town news editors LOVE fun stories. Here is the place to post coverage you've had, in newspapers or other reports. I'm still getting a list together, so while I search, please post yours in this archive......

    UPDATE: answering your private messages- Yes, please post your Youtube or other videos below, include a short explanation if you would....thanx

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    Geez Tom, as I give your video more scrutiny, 80cc , mugging "out of control" for the camera, disregarding signage, generally looking contrary for a good thing, what exactly is up with that? Off road lets see some stunts, arials etc. on street let's see some respect, or you know, road rash really hurts.

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    I like your videos.....I won't tell Augie you were wearing flip-flops. :eek:
    :wink: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Getting ready for my "500 days/5,000 miles" post

    Motorized Bike Links - Newspaper Articles

    Arab Tribune 9/21/05 (AL)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Cullman Times 10/27/05 (AL)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Decatur Daily 11/12/05 (AL)

    The Tuskegee News 3/6/06 (AL)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    The Auburn Plainsman 4/13/06 (AL)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Opelika-Auburn News 4/27/06 (AL)

    Red Cloud Chief 6/7/06 (Nebraska)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Baca Weekly 6/7/06 (Springfield CO)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Anadarko Press 6/3/06 (front page photo/caption only) (OK)

    The Cordell Beacon 6/7/06 (OK)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Ada Evening News 6/7/06 (OK)

    The Nashville News 6/9/06 (ARK)

    De Queen Daily Citizen 6/6/06 (ARK)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Birmingham Weekly 8/31/06 (AL)
    "Offline Small Town Papers"

    Cleburne News 9/21/06 (AL)

    Television NBC 13 Elizabeth Arntz interview 2/10/06 (B'ham AL)

    Selma Times-Journal 1/26/07 (AL) 1365.txt

    Mobile Register 1/28/07 (AL)

    TriCity Ledger Flomtaon (AL) 1/30/07 (no copy)
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    Kim Bryan's B'ham News article has been picked up by the Associated Press, I'm getting calls from all over the south......

    NEED SOME HELP- the video by Bernard Troncale could be loaded up to You Tube, but I don't know how.....

    That way, when the FOX report comes up next week, which will be on the FOX 6 website I suppose, could be loaded to YouTube also. Chris Montana said would be listed there.

    Sure would appreciate one of you high tech folks to do that for me....


  7. Whatever did happen to that search bar?
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    I'm gonna want your autograph pretty soon. That is great publicity for all involved in power assisted bikes.
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    the ebay bar was removed
    there are a bunch of very cheaply made 65's hitting the market, all seem to be sold thru ebay
    we didn't want to send anybody to them
    if someone is curious and looks here first, any sellers are legit and above-board
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    Hey thankx for the cool articles and pic's. I love that you got 'em all together for easy access.