Rear disc brake question.

Freddy Snottgrass

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Mar 21, 2019
You guys with the big rotor rear disc brakes and smaller drive sprocket, I have a request/question for those that didn't fabricate their own set-ups. I can't find what I can say is a "for sure" stand-off to fit the 203mm rear rotor. I went to the bike shop and they were like, "no one puts 203s on the rear so no such luck" -- and Amazon... I don't know enough to make any sense of it to buy the right thing. Anyone got a link to what they bought to use?

I got a Schwinn AL Comp frame with disc brakes front and rear if that helps. Putting a disc brake mounted sprocket along the side of it.
I just used a 180/203 front stand off I believe on mine for the rear 203mm rotor. I'll have to look to make sure. I bought the stand offs from amazon.
I feel silly asking this, if I just put a bunch of washers and maybe a nut for spacers, that prolly wouldn't be a strong foundation, huh?
I use washers to do that exact thing, to space everything just like I want it. Plus you can continue to set your bike up, till you find the correct part or a better solution.
I'm planning on tackling this bike this weekend so I have one with disc brakes. My current one is great but I just don't like the cheap caliper brakes and I am waiting on back-ordered adapters. I got ahold of a used Schwinn MTB with front and rear disc brakes and I thought it would be as easy as going to the bike shop and telling them what I need. I'll figure it out and send pics of the progress or any questions, and super-thanks in advance for everyone's input.
I managed to get a decent rear brake set-up, I think. I is only partially assembled so far. I am swapping out the bars tomorrow and I am gonna wrap a short chain around my sprocket and get it riding good without an engine.

The rear brake mount onto a disc-brake ready frame: I used a 180mm rear coupled with a 140mm rear and it lines up perfectly. I have about 3/16 inch vertical clearance between the brake and the chain. Using a 203mm rotor with a 36 tooth sprocket.


UPDATE: I had to add a spacer to the front as well. Once assembled and adjusted properly, the rotor at its largest diameter points would barely rub the top of the caliper.