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    I have searched several sites including this one for specific information about using a sprocket adaptor vs. rag joint. I am converting my bike from a 66cc 2 cycle motor to a 49cc 4cycle EZMotorbike kit. I am considering taking this opportunity to change out the rag joint 56 tooth sprocket that I have used successfully (I think?) for a year to a fixed and variable offset sprocket adaptor. I have seen two sources for these adaptors - Pirate cycle and another one that I haven't been able to locate online. I have a personal need to understand what I am buying and I haven't seen any guidance on how to select which of the 4 listed on the Pirate Cycle site for my 26" Schwinn Sierra GS mountain bike. The bike is a heavy duty aluminum bike with 24 speeds and quick disconnect wheel nuts. I just don't understand how the adaptor attaches to the wheel and if someone has a video showing how it is installed and what it looks like installed I might just send off some Federal Reserve notes and try one. Thanks for anyway someone can help.

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    I haven't seen one in action, but I will be buying one of them from Pirate-- the adapter is three pieces that clamp around the hub. The pieces screw together to each other and encase the rear hub. The adapter has flanges that stick out past the spokes-- the sprocket attaches to the flanges.
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    That is very helpful. I just have to know how something works. Do I need to get a big caliper and measure the diameter of the hub to determine which of those Pirate gizmos to get? Thanks again.
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    they have four adapters, and they are listed by the brands of hubs they fit... if your hub isn't listed but you can measure the hub, you can tell them the dimensions and they will let you know which adapter to buy.
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    IMO, the rag joint is dandy for adapting power to many different bicycles inexpensively.
    Hope you are able to sort out which adapter is best, or most suitable for your bike. It seems a much superior method, to me.
    I would also advise going with 12g spokes, partly because you will be losing the damper effect the rag joint provides.
    Good luck
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    I just ordered a hub adapter myself through Pirate cycles- good shop, be sure to specify which sprocket you'll want with the adapter if that's the route you go- they special make them to fit the wide bolt stance on the adapters and you may need to call them directly as some sprockets are not in stock at the moment- good luck

    P.S. with that new sprocket you'll need to update to a HD #415 chain.
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