Roller/415 chain on a Bmx freewheel sprocket 18t


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7:23 PM
Jun 8, 2023
Will a bmx free wheel 18t sprocket fit with my 415 chain? And how

Just bought a 12gage steel rim with sealed bearings on the left side; and a sprocket thread spot on the right. Picked up a 18t free wheel bmx sprocket. Was wondering if I flipped my wheel would the sprocket work with my roller/415 chain? If not how? Could i put the bxm sprocket on backwards? Wrench notches on the inside. Also bought a 3 pt hub adaptor but the screws are coming loose to go with a 44t sprocket. Might try loctite idk.

Going to still need to pedal though; how would that work?
You could probably right up a jackshaft, but I don't have any experience with that. You'll need to wait a little while for someone else to chime in
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