Chain issues : Schwinn Meridian w/ Predator 79CC

Then you should be able to move motor up to get chain tighter. Nice to know I might have helped someone to(y)
Yep , I was able to get the chain tight , but it would jump off , everything seems the same , the hub has the same offset , might have to shim the hub of the wheel and move the wheel out a bit
Would you question the fact that now the torque of the motor is through four distinct points compared to being distributed across the whole surface of the mounting plate?

O can kind of see the motor flex >>>> with the 44 tooth sprocket the amount ofthreads showing to get a tight chaon was much less than the 50 tooth ---- at first I had a set up like this pic with a slack adjuster , that did not work too well either


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Is your clutch sliding in and out? mine is tight against the motor and pretty good idea with that chain tensioner.
Nice picture. Take the chain off and spin the wheel making sure the sprocket is running true. No wobbling. Then take a yard stick, or something perfectly straight, and lay it across the sprocket and see how it lines up with the clutch. Needs to be a straight line. Adjust things untill you make this happen. Then look at your new masterlink and confirm it is identical to the original. Not wider at any point. Make sure the closed end of the locking half of the link is facing in the direction of chain travel. Also make sure there are no imperfections on the theeth of your new sprocket. File off any that you might find. Take the chain and lay about 2 inches at a time onto the sprocket checking that the chain goes all the way to the bottom of the teeth without any binding. Hey guys, what am I missing?
3 wheelers being unstable is the reason you don't see ATV's with them anymore. All quads, too many lawsuits.
But those three wheel ATVs were sure fun to race! With low profile flat tires, you can hang the rear end out and do all sort of fun stuff with them. (Probably can with a four wheelers also, but I was a mechanic at Honda when they had three wheels.) The four-wheel Honda Odyssey dune buggy bike was fun too!
I like the double nut idea --- a 1/2 nut ( jam nut ) would be the proper way to go

You know that saying every action has an opposite reaction :

After changing the sprocket from 44 to 50 , I had to increase the length of the chain by adding 3 links and another master link , now the chain jumped off twice yesterday , got to figurethat one out ........ suppose to rain " bad " for the next three days
Yeah. That's one problem with chains. I'm building my meridian for a less mechanically inclined person.

I want to put a big belt drive sheave on the spokes, (maybe a 20-in bike rim?) and the engine down low in back, as close to the hub as it can be. I want to belt-drive the wheel from an inch and a half or 2 in drive pulley.

I will eventually build a light body as is typical with the three-wheeled taxis and other countries. The engine will be low & out of the way, level with the back axle approximately.