RIDLEY MOTORCYCLE CO. sellin motorbikes!

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  1. yimmie

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    ridley motorcycle is sellin motorized bicycles . look on there website. they want between 2000 and 2500.00 $ for them!! LOL and they are bare bone- no lights nothin not even reflectors!! check out the Ridley website.

  2. augidog

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    "as american as it gets"...geez...look around america lately...maybe it's true ;)
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  3. seanhan

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    600 smackeroos for a 150 $ h/t engine kit ????
    But The bike now that is SWEET !!!!
  4. Mike Lynch

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    I Felt real bad when I saw this!

    Check this out!

    Here is where they come from:


    The Ridley price has gone up +-$500.00 in two months, plus a new "WEB Site" dedicated to their "value-added" Motorized Felt Bicycle that is for "fun" not "transportation"?

    Great marketing in a "slightly down" economy.

    Best regards,

    Mike Lynch
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