Schwinn Occ with 70's briggs flathead?


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Sep 18, 2021
The gussets make for one strong frame neck, The frame will never crack there that's for sure (y)

I see you haven't made the Bat Wing handle bars yet for your Bat Bike :LOL:
I need a link, or at least a pic.
I'm working on it, well actually I've been to lazy to start the wood stove up in the shop. šŸ¤£šŸ˜‚Lol I've sold more of my firewood than ive used in my shop!!! But people been offering me stupid money for firewood this year.


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Apr 20, 2017
is the 2hp smaller then the three, and what gear ratio would I need for the 2hp briggs with a CVT
No. Same block and external measurements as a 3hp. The other downside to the 2hp is valve sizes. Even the 3hp has a larger intake valve and is noticeably peppier at normal speeds. *BUT!*... Your best bang for the space is a B/S 3.5hp, which is EVER so slightly larger (not enough to matter), but it packs 1 1/2 times the displacement of the 2hp. It's a beast! They seem to turn up a lot on used edgers on C/L. As far as pedals go- I don't think it's hard and fast to have to keep them. They add complication and steal space. If I were doing a TAV/ BS flathead on a bike with a 20" rear wheel, I'd shoot for a 6>1 final drive. This would give you 40mph @ 4000rpm top speed, and 9 mph at the TAV's "hook-up speed" @ 2200 rpm. Asking a BS 3.5hp to get you to 40mph is reasonable on flat ground.
Not to knock on the BS 2hp too much- (if you already have one and funds are limited, use it.) but for the same external dimensions, you're going from 2hp(6ci) to 3hp(8ci) to 3.5hp(9ci). To better illustrate this, scale up the 2hp to a small block 289ci. The comparable displacement of the 3hp would be a 374ci if it existed. WOWzers!
Feb 4, 2022
Scored this RUNNING flathead out of a buddy's "scrap pile"

Model: 5S
Type No. 700041
Serial No. 260431