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    My billet intake manifold will be here any moment. I went to Autozone and O'Rielly's autoparts looking for permatex 1a. I read in a post that is what I should use. I could not find any 1a but did pick up a tube of 1b, it has all the bases covered as far as I can see. It is water, air, oil & gas proof with a temp range of like -65 to 400. Will I be OK using the 1b? Thanks in advance from Partly Cloudy AZ. :D

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    Thanks for the tip, I will go and redo my manifold tonight. ****, just realized I won't have a gasket. Is it useable w/o a gasket or do I need to order a new one?
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    I'd go to a auto parts store, they will have sheet gasket material that you can make one. If nothing else use a cereal box and cut one. You may be able get away without one, but I wouldn't waste my time.
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    Your best bet is a gasket.
    Gasket sealant is ok but an actual gasket is the best choice.
    It would be easy to make one out of gasket material from the parts store.
    You can make a gasket and then put a little sealant on both sides to give you double insurance that it won't leak.
    But normally, just a gasket will do the trick.