Shanghai 80cc Chopper Discovered New Bug

Bought a 80cc bike kit the thing lasted for 1 tank of gas bought 4 magnetoes thing will not run Shanghai sales man went through list of logical deductions why not run then he came to the last deduction had reservations about saying you came in contact with pesticide! He was correct! I mix the gas and oil in a Spectricide jug. He says something to the fact some part we make with our own body fluid! Insectoid! I don't call him a liar on that because I went to Red China when I was a boy went to a silk farm there ladies spun spools of silk on a wheel I notice they were all given some white fluid like milk to frequently drink I also notice they used there wrist and silk came out of it to build the quanity of silk I said bulls**t lady that silk is coming out of your wrist not from the other source don't try to bulls**t me I can see. Also in Nam reported in by pilots spraying agriculture field with pesticide all of the motor bike engines died! It killed some bugcycle they all push instead of ride them! Pilot was amazed I thought what?