Squeak when clutch in?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Bogaurd, May 30, 2008.

  1. Bogaurd

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    Hey all,
    My recently completed 70cc happy time build is running nicely - just took it out for a couple of rides totaling around 30km or so just now.

    One thing I have noticed is a squeaky sound when the clutch is engaged (ie, pulled in, engine not running, me pedaling the bike).

    Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions as to what it might be?


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  2. relaxxx

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    I thought that was disengaged? Anyway mine does same thing. There is not enough travel in the clutch lever to fully release the clutch. When my bike is idling in 'neutral' I can lift up the back wheel and it starts spinning. I've tried adjusting several times now with the same results. Also seems like my clutch slips at low rpm while driving. Either that or it's misfiring for some reason. Sometimes I don't know what louder, my clutch or my exhaust.
  3. Bogaurd

    Bogaurd Member

    I solved the squeak after my ride tonight - took the sprocket cover off, pulled the pin in the center of the sprocket out, dabbed some grease on the ends, popped it back in - tada, the squeak is gone! :)
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  4. will_start

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    I get this squeak too, I also get the moving forward when dis-engaged thing.
    I think I need to adjust my clutch.
    I've been putting up with it.
    But if this is a simple fix, I'm up for it.
    I'm a little lost about which pin you're talking about though.

    I may need to check some diagrams I have to confirm what you're saying.
    If you can describe it in more detail would help.
    Or a picture(s) with arrows is the best.
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  5. relaxxx

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    Yeah, I have no pin in my clutch. I have a strange star shaped nut with a screw to keep it from slipping that is holding the clutch plate in place. There are three rods going through the plate to spin it and a spring behind the plate.

    I read somewhere about roughing up the plate surface for better grip. I took it off and scored the plate all up with a utility knife. Helped a little for the slipping and squealing but not much. Still squeaks in neutral. I don't really see anywhere I could put grease that would help anything.
  6. will_start

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    I think he must mean the pin that is under the chain sprocket cover.
    IE the small push rod that the clutch pushes on, looks like a little pin.
    that is about 2.5 cm long and about 1/2 a cm thick.

    I thought maybe he meant that,
    as I recently "degreased" it, and I thought the noise got louder.

    In this link,

    this pic shows the rod/pin i mean.
  7. Bogaurd

    Bogaurd Member

    That's the one! :)
    I pulled it out, put a dollop of grease into the hole it sits in, then greased both ends of it & put it back in. Nice and quiet now! :grin:
  8. kjparker

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    Lol, you know, the one that I lost and had to make another! aka bucking bar...

    edit: lol, just noticed that you borrow my pic! :) I should change it to something naughty! goatse anyone? :p
  9. will_start

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    i just googled what that goat thing was, ewww................!!!!
    i'm seeing a new side to you kjp, and I can now tell you really do work in IT ...

    so I'll do this bogaurd trick, right after I weld my bike back together,
    and that'll be one less noise I'll have to be concerned with...
  10. w0mbhanger

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    take right cover off and make sure your star screw is not loose and the retaining screw is tight. I would loctite these