staton robin/subaru eho35

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    is running.Finally got the cradle built and corrected.been adding the fenders today.need front brace as you can see.will need more work on rear drop stand too.Robert Box a friend lased the wheels---a Sturmey archer dymo/drum in front.Staton 4 barring /double sided hub in back.Sun 17A red 26" rims.Replace the old head set today also.
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  2. Simple and nice. Is it a one-speed?
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    yes,it's single speed.first kit I've built.The nuviny hub looks like the way to go on multi gears---maybe someday !!!
  4. That is a mighty small rear sprocket. Is the huge sprocket in your gearbox?
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    Standard Staton gear drive kits use the staton 18 to 1 reduction gear box(the sq. box seen in the photo)so no real need for the very large drive sprocket.The kit came with staton's rear hub too.It has 4 sealed barrings,and threaded for sprockets on both sides(south paw for the drive side)These kits let you pedal the bicycle if needed with out the drag of the motor.I built my bike as a single pedal speed but you can just as easly build one with a 5 speed freewheel(pedal side)The original frame and fork of my bike are from 1938 and I think the staton kit looks somewhat like old "english mimi-motors"of this era.The process is a bit slower when your building parts-like the drop stand.finder braces,rear dropouts,and motor cradle,etc.But that's half the fun--riding is the other half!!

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    And 0,BANNED. louis
  8. heh heh :grin:
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    Nice paintjob! Really. :) Lotsa character. I love beater bikes!
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    I like it, its got a lot of chacter. I am thinking of the same set up for myself.
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    What are the measurements of the whole unit mounted on your bike . I am going to get your setup and I'm thinking of enclosing the whole unit. some type of box.
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