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    attached is a recent picture of my latest ride. Still working out a few bugs with the long chain(s). The bike rides much smoother than a traditional cruiser.

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  2. bluegoatwoods

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    Sweet looking bike.

    When I saw your screen name I immediately thought of, say, a 1966 Fury or an early 70s, 2 door Valiant. And let's throw in the Dodge pickups from those days. Some of those Chryslers were funny looking and most were quirky, but they were just soooo loveable.

    Is that the era that you identify with? Or does your name signify something else altogether?
  3. plycarguy

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    I build street rods with a friend as a hobby. I have had a 1936 Plymouth sedan and currently own a 1940 Plymouth sedan. My friend has a 1934 plymouth coupe with a Hemi.
  4. toolow

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    that bike is cool nice build