Need help finding leaner main jets for my NT carb!

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Feb 2, 2024
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Alright so a few months back I bought a pawn shop beach cruiser and bought this 50cc 2 stroke kit off of amazon to put on it and it has been mostly running great with my highest flat land speed record at 26mph (42kmh) after removing the exhaust baffle.

I noticed after leaning the fuel-oil mixture to 40:1 from 16:1, full throttling 4 strokes all the time at mid-high RPM and does it much sooner than at 3/4 throttle so I suspect my main jet is probably too rich given I live at ~5000 feet altitude.

I have my carburetor pulled apart and measured my main jet and tried to find a set online but it seems like my main jet is a unusual spec. Calipers say the threading is M6x0.75 (6mm diameter x 0.75mm pitch) with a 5.5mm head diameter and a total length of 9mm with the head being 4mm long and the threading portion being 5mm long. The hole diameter is ~0.6-0.7mm I think but it's hard to tell even with calipers.

I've already tried playing around with the needle clip (even using tiny shimmies to fine tune it) but I've basically perfected all but wide open throttle. I've also drilled some holes into the stock air box but it's still pretty rich at full send.
Anyone know where to find a jet that fits the specs above? Any help you guys can provide is greatly appreciated. I really want to break 30mph!

Here's a picture of the jet for reference. Most listings I see, the head diameter is 7mm while the threading is typically M5 or M6 but with 0.8mm pitch.
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Yea, about them jets. But how did this conversation go from finding a solution to a rich main jet to helping someone realize they need to finish breaking in their phantom and GW unintentionally spreading misinformation on break in to how much people you guys dislike/hate to how religion plays into aforementioned dislike/hate? Really interesting conversation but how did it come to this lol.
We have been known to wax philsophically from time to time as
I envy you. I love my mom, but she had a period of her life where she basically abandoned us as much as possible without breaking laws. Nothing like being 11 years old and being treated like a burden instead of person.

My grandparents wanted nothing to do with my brother or I because we are both atheists and they are hardcore catholics. The exception being my grandmother's at least. They still loved their grand babies but being thentraditional old school women they were, my grandfathers had the final word. Most of my aunts and uncles treated us like lepers for the same reason. I have good relationships with all of my cousins at least, silver lining.

I choose to have human interaction because being alone isn't too awesome, but I can and have spent long stretches of my life completely isolated. 3 years of trucking fit that lifestyle perfectly.

I often come across as cold and analytical because that is how I view the world. I was formed into that being. I spent a lot of my life desperate for positive human interaction, and left myself vulnerable to people to take advantage of me. Now I try to protect others from all of the pain I had to endure, especially little kids.

Anyway, enough trauma dumping from me. How about them jets?
I'll keep this short as to not going into left field some more.
Im very sorry for you and it is a very similar situation my cousin went through with her drug addict parents, against all odds, she came out if it in one piece and is doing good in her life, but that upbringing does leave scars.

Old school Catholics can be difficult people and stray very far from Christ's instructions, most atheists I know grew up in strict Catholic households.

This is why I am a man of Faith, not of organized religion.
I don't dislike people as a rule but some I just don't have time for. As far as the trust thing goes, it is earned, after I've known someone for at least ten years and they haven't messed with me, we are good. I used to trust everyone, not so much now.

Sorry, back to our regular scheduled programming. How about those jets? I'm not talking football.
Solder just the tip of the jet with a high E guitar string through it. Slowly turn the string once the solder is solid and gently pull it out. That gives you just under a .6 drilling