Suspended Drunk Canuck Motorized Biker.

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    It's all messed up here in Ont. Right now I live in Hamilton about two hours or so West of Brockville with the whole Greater Toronto Area between us I can ride in Halton,Durham,Peel,Toronto,Vaughn,Ajax not sure about Whitby but a huge area of the most populated cities and buroughs with no issue's the cops cant be bothered unless your being reckless or speeding,and yet here in Hamilton and other smaller cities just out side the G.T.A when ever the cops even get a glance at my bike they go out of their way to check that it's not running!I have been stopped and charged a few times now and it's getting frustrating having to explain to police that they have no case!The laws keep changing and yet the current definition not allowing a hand or centrafugal clutch would make it a moped witch has to be lic and insured but you cant insure or register a motorized bicycle with out a vin # and to get it to pass as certifiable to get a home built vin# it has to pass the safety requirements of a moped or scooter manufacturer and well good luck with that! when the cops realize that I have got off of previous charges of every thing related to it being a motor vehicle they tell me I'm lucky because it could go ether way or give me a warning that it will change!
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    Whew, I thought this thread was about me. I'll have you know I am NOT suspended.
    As for drunk, well, hockey is our SECOND national winter sport. (reference Red Fisher, Scuttlebutt Lodge: Moose Milk)
    I'll have awry thank you...

    Actually you can be charged for driving a bicycle or horse while drunk, you just don't lose your motor licence.
    However, if you are driving a motor boat, lawn tractor or aircraft while drunk,your driver's licence goes too.

    They are taking all the fun out of it.You cannot even ride the sofa to the local coffee joint any more:
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    Getting arrested for driving your couch through the drive through? Now that's just Un-Canadian! (Bob and Doug McKenzie) One of them probably said to the constable, "What up hoser?"

    /lame attempt at humor
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    having a clutch seems an odd impediment to legality? meh. At one stage i got very good utility from a 25cc brushcutter motor w/ friction spindle on the drive shaft, mounted on a swing arm i could raise, or lower w/ ropes, springs, some chain links and a cleating pulley - for friction contact w/ rear tire. MTB. No pull starter.

    it worked, but simpler still, was developing a talent for ~never completely stopping, or maybe on a slope for an easy pedal start.

    so just sayin, a clutch isnt the end of the world.
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    Right I fail to see how having an an emergency release lever on the bike that disengages the engine from the wheel in an emergency should be considered illegal?

    Do they not think about what the f**k they are writing? If you remove all clutch components you can't actually stop the bike unless you kill the motor, assuming it can be killed. That's like asking everyone who uses a manual shift vehicle to simply not use the clutch for stopping reasons.

    Seriously Canada eat some sh*t (no offense to our Canadian users, love the people not the bureaucracy.)
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    Indiana offers the best indication of what the future holds. When legislators wanted to address moped/scooters they went to ABATE, a well heeled, conservative group of mostly touring motorcyclists (white collar, Harley, Goldwing, BMW riders) who wrote a registration law that served motorists (car and truck drivers) and high dollar motorcycle riders. All motorized bikes must be registered, but small displacement avoids insurance.
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