Sym Mopeds (and some 150cc Classic bikes)

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Oct 28, 2021
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I did not do a search here, but not sure how much info the forum has exchanged on these "bikes". Interesting background on this Taiwanese MFG. Looking at their discontinued 100cc "cub" moped, built like they used to build the Honda cub when they were the contract MFG for Honda.....they kept to their quality as some say Honda cut back after they parted ways in the early 2000's.

They also made a classic 150 "cafe" bike that also has great reviews. Also discontined. Today they currently produce a half dozen mopeds none of which i have any interest in that modern scooter look.

They make great scooters, as good as any Jap big 4.
Japan has alot of stuff made in Taiwan that's sold in USA because it's cheaper to make it in Taiwan and ship it to the USA rather than made and shipped from Japan
I was looking into Sym but I think a pcx150 will be my first actual bike. I got a dong Feng 250 but that doesn't count because it was crap.
Here is the cub I am looking at (2013) But with the full seat option (no bar). Also I fould a 150 classic, but have not seen it in person yet.


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