Stolen Thief in South Texas

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  1. Barry

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    A few weeks ago I posted a note saying that I sold EVERYTHING and I did, to a disabled Vet. A Schwinn cruiser, a GT2 build (both shown) spare engines, gearboxes, wheels, special tools, everything. Probably totalled up to about $2,500.00 worth of stuff. Some low-life carted everything off over this weekend from the Corpus Christi area. Please be on the look-out for us..

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  2. Samdallas214

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    keep a check on craigslist and even ebay as a lot of stolen stuff is sold on craigslist and even ebay.
    check daily if you find it set up a time to meet and call the police . good luck on getting it back.

    Also check with the local pawn shops.
  3. InfoCentral

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    Well the pawn shops aren't going to take it if the bike doesn't have any serial numbers. Here in Calif they are required to log all bicycle serial numbers. I used to have a job at a swap meet when I was in High School and I would have to go around it and log every bicycle serial number being sold.

    The good news is that if you paid the $10 and got it on the National Bicycle Database then they aren't going to be able to register it and if they try to sell it to a pawn shop then your going to get it back. OTOH, if they removed the serial number then no one is going to be able to use it. When ever they get stopped and the police see the serial number has been removed then they will confiscate it.
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    Many of the posts on craigslist have no pics. I generally assume those items are stolen and the thief doesn't want them identified. Concentrate on the CL posts without pics.
  5. LR Jerry

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    Maybe the thief will be stupid enough to sell it to somebody in your town.
  6. gearhead222

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    My condolences! I grew up just outside of CC and it never cease to amaze me what lowlifes will steal down there. SO glad I don't live there anymore!-Gearhead222