throttle stuck on max



Just rode around the neighborhood with 20 being the max speed I reached, at stops I pulled the clutch in and released and drove off without the engine stopping. Got home, turned the engine off. let it rest for a bit. turned it on 10 minutes later and the throttle was movable, and I had it off and gave a little gas, but the engine acted as if I was giving it the max and sped up. I pulled the clutch in and it revved like crazy. killed the engine with the switch and headed to the forums.

So anyone else had this? I think it might be the pin inside the throttle assembly in the carb. Either stuck from friction, or vibration loosened something. Being the paranoid android I am, I will not touch anything until I hear other peoples opinions.
had it happen to me before its the pin/metal plug assembly my guess is it is stuck.
took off the throttle assembly for the carb and placed it in the right way again.
Oh, well I fixed it this morning when i found a small chip on the brass cylinder that I sanded smooth with 600grit sandpaper, works fine now.