Titan R3 vs. GXH50 and a couple others...

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    So, I've pretty much figured out what I want to do and I'm just about completely sold on the Honda GXH50 but before I committed to it I wanted to get your opinions about what engine you suggest.

    My first choice currently is the Honda GXH50. I think it will work very well for my purposes but if I can get the same or more power with the same or better reliability for a cheaper price I may change my mind.

    From the pictures on thatsdax it doesn't look like I can simply attach a sprocket to a solid shaft on that engine (which is what my current build design calls for). Is there a way to do this? Also, if there isn't can I simply get a 10 tooth clutch bell for the attached clutch(I'm thinking no)? I do like that the Titan is slightly cheaper and has a gas tank already.

    Browsing around I came across these 49cc engines from bikeparts.com, I couldn't find any useful info on their site about them though. Does anyone have any experience with these? What kind of power and reliability can one expect from them? The first one looks pretty kick @$$ don't you think? :cool:

    Anyway, I am so close that I can almost taste the bugs in my teeth! :D I just can't wait to get this project off the drawing board!

    Thanks again to everyone that has helped me out so far! And thanks for any more info you guys can provide! :smile:

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    Yes it is possible to attach a clutch bell to the Titan. The Titan motor has the same mounting pattern as the smaller weedwacker motors that use a 76mm clutch. http://www.vizamotors.com/aluminum-clutch-housing-p-360.html
    http://www.vizamotors.com/clutch-drum-wshaft-p-359.html http://www.vizamotors.com/6201-bearingfits-clutch-housing-jackshaft-p-361.html These parts from Viza motors could be used to get you what you are looking for on a Titan Motor. There are clutch housings availabe from other suppliers as well but the parts from Viza are the least expensive I've seen.

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    But, that's the REAL question, isn't it?

    IMO, the answer is: probably not with the titan. Could you get a winner if you buy one? Sure. But, the odds are way higher in your favor, if you go with the Honda. Quality is one of those areas where you DO tend to get what you pay for. Lets face it. It costs more to manufacture items at a higher level of precision, and to inspect, and weed out any defects before items ship. And to implement policies that reduce the incidence of defects in the first place.
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    Excellent! Thank you very much for the info. That definitely helps out the Titan as far as my considerations go.

    You make a very strong argument..1 more point for the Honda :rolleyes:

    Thank you guys very much!
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    Is it worth the hassle ??
    I have heard a lot of good things about the Titan's engine being quality, Did you know the Honda's are now manufactured in Tiiland, (i know thats spelled wrong, got a mental block on the tie think) Must be all the tie-stick back in the 70's !!!!
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    No, I was not aware that the titan was manufactured in Thailand. Is that a really bad thing?
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    I opted for the Honda when picking an engine for my project, because of the quality issue. and I also feel that the Honda is more versital when it comes to trying to put together your own drivetrain. Due to the configuration of the Titan you are limited to a 76mm clutch. and then to get an output driver mounted you end up with a motor and either gearbox or clutch housing that measures 11in. - 12in. wide. This dimension isn't a problem with a rack mount, but creates alot of problems with a frame mount. With the Honda you can use one of the larger diameter clutches available from the go-kart industry vendors that will allow an inboard driver configuration, this keeps the overall width of the motor around 9in. +- which means easily available wide cranksets will clear the motor. I've read some of your other threads and posts about what type of drivetrain you are trying to put together and I think the overall width of the motor and output driver are going to be very critical? I'm not sure that a wide enough front freewheeling crankset currently exists to do what you have previously described. I know Sick Bike Parts is working on building a version of their shifter kit for the Honda motor but everything I've read seems to indicate that it is several months away from being available. The other ting I know from first hand experience from working on my project is thata putting together an alternative drivetrain from off the shel parts from a variety of vendors can get expensive very quickly.

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    Titan- China
    Honda- Thailand

    ...if that makes a difference.
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    Oops, I meant Honda..sorry.

    My design consists of a rear mounted engine with a chain running down to a jackshaft that is center frame. On the other side of the jackshaft I will have my centrifugal clutch which will lead to me freewheel crank. The freewheel crank will then lead to my rear wheel hub. Basically the only difference between my setup and SBP's is that I will have a rear mounted engine.
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    Ok, so I did some searching and found some info on these engines:

    1) Engine type: horizontal, single-cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled
    2) Piston displacement: 40.2cc
    3) Bore x stroke: 40 x 32 mm
    4) Max. power: 1.6KW/7,000rpm
    5) Max. torque: 2.3N.M/6,000rpm
    6) Min. idle rotate speed: 2600rpm
    7) Compression ratio: 8.3:1
    8) Ignition: CDI
    9) Spark plug: NGK MBR6A/L7T
    10) Carburetor: diaphragm
    11) Air filter: polyurethane foam
    12) Start mode: pull start
    13) Clutch style: centrifugal automatic
    14) Average fuel consumption: 680g/kWh
    15) Dimensions: 240 x 220 x 150mm
    16) N.W: 3.2kg

    Looks like it power rating isn't quite as good as the GHX50 (this one has a little less torque and at a higher RPM) which is the engine I'm looking to get, but for a hundred bucks and free shipping at this site it seems like a pretty good deal if they hold up ok..Also, this site claims that their engine is a slightly different one than the average look alike saying that theirs revs to a sustained 10K RPMs :-/

    Anyway, I guess the real question is whether or not they will hold up ok..if anyone has any usage info on one of these I would really like to hear about it. Longevity is a very important factor for me so before truly considering this one I would have to know it would hold up.

    Thanks in advance for any help, you guys are great! :grin:
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    I have 3 bike engines.
    A cheap Chinese 4 stroke
    a Robin Subaru eho35
    a and a Honda gx35

    The Chinese one is pretty crappy, way below the level of the other 2.
    The Robin Subaru is really really solid.
    The Honda is significantly better than the Chinese one, but nowhere near the Robin Subaru.
    I'd say that the Honda is the way to go.
    If robin Subaru made a 50 cc engine I would be all over it.
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    Thanks for the reply astring, any specifics on how the Honda is less reliable than the Subaru?
  14. astring

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    That RS is a uniquely solid engine. It has that cylinder sleeve for one, but also the Honda is just not built as well, for example a plastic piece of the pull cord recoil housing snapped off with normal use.
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    For some reason I was under the impression that the honda had a cast iron cylinder sleeve as well...hmm, that's a bit disappointing.

    This post states that the GXH50 does in fact have a cylinder sleeve.
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    I had not heard that, it may well be true. someone will confirm it if it is true. It is not mentioned here (on the specs page at Honda):

    Don't get me wrong. I'd love to have the power of a GX50.
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    I'm happy now..my engine is going to rock!
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    All Honda GX series engines have a cast iron sleeve. If you want to see the difference between the engines from china and the ones from japan, take both apart, and check the tolerances. You get what you pay for. Pay the extra and get a Honda. Nothing wrong with the RS that I know of.
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    I think that the 2nd would be very good for tuning , but it has enough power from itself !