using ezip trail z parts for a shifter bike

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by dchevygod, Jul 22, 2013.

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    I have a functional trail z I'm doing a gas conversion on. My thought is to take all the electric components and moving them over to an aluminum full suspension next Avalon, I would mount the motor in the frame and use a SBP freewheel crank to transfer motor power to the cassette while maintaining the ability to pedal assist, will I need matching gearing from the motor to the free wheel cog. The parts are heavy but this bike is way lighter than than the ezip. I'm going to use all the ezip parts I can in this build so the controler and battery will stay in the rack and I'll use the whole deal. The only thing I'm wondering about is how the reduction of the free wheel crank will affect me here. What should I do 1) match the tooth count from trans to crank sprocket or 2) have the two chain rings on the freewheel have the same tooth count? The motors output is reduced already " idk what ratio " the bike as is will do 15ish with 22t freewheel on the lefthand drive 26" wheel and a 9t on the built-in reduction. I can see that the 3rd gear on the cassette is close to the 22 t drive gear so I could delete the pedals and achieve a good runner really easy but it won't be legal w/o pedals :( I have to design it with working pedals.