v frame mount for 4 stroke

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    dose any sites sell it alone other than bicycle-engines.com

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    Mocking Up a Motor Mount

    If you are talking about the adjustable engine mounting plate http://www.bicycle-engines.com/vframe-mounting-plate-p-105.html The answer is yes only bicycle-engines.com is the only vendor to offer it seperately, to the best of my knowledge. I think you will find that you may be better off fabricating your own for the Harbor Freight motor you purchased recently. Your going to probably need a very wide mounting plate to get that large motor aligned with the rear wheel. You might try mocking up the motor mount using some 2x2 lumber clamped to the frame to get a feel for just how wide the mount is going to need to be for that motor. The photos below show the mockup mount I use. With a motor as wide as yours you might want to clamp a wider piece of plywood to the top to set the motor on.


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    thanks oscully.
    thats a really kool mount. simple but well done.
    i might try that. depends on what my dad thinks.
    the 2.5 has about the same mount pattern if not the same for the v-frame mount. i might have to make the hole little wider or so. but mabey i'll have to do the rack mount. cause of clearence problems in the frame. same cost.