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    Just wanted to share a little project my Son And I built this weekend. I got the idea from watching youtube videos. This type of drive is referred to as a friction drive. Same principal as the small GoPeds operate.
    We bought a new Echo weed wacker a few weeks ago and I had the old homelite just needing a purpose. It would hardly run. I found the stupid spark arrestor (small screen over exhaust holes) was clogged. Removed the screen and it fired right up. So after a few hours of research we went to work. I haven't spent any money so far.
    We used fish tank air tubing for fuel lines and a Craftsman socket for the drive spindle. I was skeptical if it would work much less stay together. Man this thing rips. Maybe 20 plus MPH. We have run 2 tanks of gas through it so far with very little adjustments.
    The pull starter has to be scrapped to attatch the drive so starting is a snap. Just get on and give it a few spins on the pedals and it fires up and accelerates. We still need a longer throttle cable but for zero dollars we have a Motorcycle. Lol. Since I don't have a Harley anymore. Oh yea I have another old weed wacker we are already taking apart to bolt onto the other spare Diamond Back.
    I will try and get a video up later with it running.

    Weedwackerbike001.jpg <--- click me

    Ok as promised here is a short video of my Son riding it. He had just fixed a small fuel leak we had and he was excited to ride it so I could make a video to share. Not sure how but one run this afternoon and the rear tire went flat. It is super hot out so who knows. Too hot in the Garage to fix it now.

    Click on the pic to watch! Not sure if it is posting right here.

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    what is the lever by the seatpost? a suicide throttle?
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    There you go. Suicide throttle. I need to pick up a longer cable. It was kinda fun for us to build with what we had on hand. ZERO dollars spent!
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    Hey thanks. And thanks for the video fix. :grin5:
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    Here check my link i have built 2 of them and have created a webpage to give others instructions and ideas. One is simple the other has a clutch so it idles at stop. :)
    http://diymotorizedbike.tk Picture 486.jpg There is video and hd pictures :)
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    Very neat friction build. I like the way you mounted the fuel tank. Definitely a weekend well spent.
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    Neat build, very similar to my first. I wouldn't worry too much about the throttle;
    a 25cc homelite doesn't have so much torque that braking won't shut it down.
    I always rode mine WOT. For better traction on the roller I sanded the socket,
    painted it with JB weld, and coated it with granules scraped from 60 grid
    sand paper.