Clutch Well I screwed up my clutch housing

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    I've got a TLE43 with a rear wheel friction kit.
    I just modified my electric bike and added the trike conversion kit with an extra gear for a motor.

    I was first trying to figure out how to modify the bracket to use it as
    a front wheel friction drive and was gonna turn the motor around on the bracket.

    I pressed out the roller shaft and noticed the outside bearing was sliding out, so I went ahead and knocked it the rest of the way out and the knocked out the bearing on the other side.

    But I couldn't figure a good way to unthread the roller from the clutch housing, because the clutch housing is covered by an outer housing. I tried to carefully clamp the edge of the clutch housing in the vise with rubber because i figured if I clamped across the whole housing it would crush it. Well I ended up bending it a little on the lip. This kit was just like new , **** it.

    How in the world can I hold the clutch housing to unscrew the roller???

    Anyway, once I figure this out, and hopefully I can straighten the clutch housing, I had another idea. I figured once I get it apart, I'll take the roller and go find a small sprocket and machine down the roller to fit the ID of the sprocket and put it back together and take some angle iron and bolt it to my trike kit so that the bracket is mounted backwards with slots drilled in it so I can take the slack out of the chain. (or maybe I should go with pulleys and use a belt with a spring loaded belt tightener.

    Any ideas how to hold the clutch housing, to unscrew the roller??? Its a Straton kit.
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    clutch housing

    Why don't you get in touch with straton. If it's theirs, im sure they can tell you how to take it apart.
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    Ok I figured out a way to get the roller removed from the clutch housing. I cut a piece of 1 X 2 , then whittled it with a radius to match the housing, very tight fit, smacked it in with a hammer , then put it in the vise end to end where my wood piece was with pieces of rubber to protect the housing, and it came right off with a vise grip on the roller.
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    Ingenuity is the key!
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    Ok I had my roller machined so that a 16 tooth sprocket would fit and had it welded on to my roller. It is the smallest sprocket I could find locally at a bike shop. what kind of torque and speed will I get with a 16 tooth drive sprocket and a 44 tooth sprocket on the axle of my trike? 26 inch wheels.
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    Houston we have a problem. My gear ration is all messed up. The calculator says my trike will go 101 miles an hour. LOL Well my 16 tooth drive sprocket was a mistake . LOL . Guess I better find the biggest axle sprocket I can.
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    I use this gear ratio calculator.

    These may help with your gear ratio problem;
    This one does not reverse the direction of rotation.
    Gear Box 3:1 reduction,
    Duplex Double Chain heavy
    duty service 6 spline Cog
    Power Take off. Standard
    78mm bell with 4 bolt
    mounting. Only $39.99.

    This one is what I use.
    It Does reverse the direction of rotation..
    Input shaft powered by engine spins one way the output shaft spins the other way.

    CLUTCH PACK SIDE OF THE TITAN .This one has a five to one reduction.

    I just picked thats dax because I do not want to hunt on ebay for the parts.

    You then use the ten tooth bmx or 410 sprocket to feed your 56 to 48 or whatever sprocket you select as the final geardown stage.
    Try to stay around 22 or 24 to one. You will like this range a lot.

    OR why reinvent the wheel.
    If your engine uses a 76 mm auto clutch it will bolt right on.

    Look here for an idea. there chain drive setup.
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