What about rev matching?


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11:20 PM
Feb 18, 2022
Well I don't exactly mean rev matching in the traditional sense, as my bike doesn't have gears. But:


You are rolling don a long hill, and you don't wan't to do engine braking, so you pull the clutch lever. When you get to the bottom of the hill you are doing 25 mph, and you want to re-engage the motor, so you can keep cruising along. But the motor has already returned to idle rpms. Should you rev the motor up a bit so that the rpms match the speed you are going, before you drop the clutch?

Tell me your thoughts!
I would think so. Not doing so.would be similar to engine breaking. Going downhill on my dirt bike I would pop it up a gear and give it very little throttle. This would slow it down. So I would assume it is the same with just one speed if you pull the clutch in