What do you think of electric bikes?

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  1. Vic

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    Here what I've found on the Internet, rather interesting to my mind and the price is appealing
    here it is
    and some characteristics:
    Capacity - 1350 W/h

    Range - 180 km

    Range with pedaling - 300 km

    Weight - 34 kg

    Top-speed - 40 km/h

    Limit current – 15 A

    Efficiency – 80%


    Chemistry: Lithium Ion LG ICR18650D1 3000mA/h

    Adaptto BMS

    Cell-temperature monitoring


    Low-voltage protection

    High-voltage protection

    Temperature protection

    Recharge Time : 2 hours

    Charge : Standard 110-240V

    Frame 26 in. alluminum full suspension frame MTB

    Maximum load: 150 kg.


    Mid Drive brushless motor (built-in controller).

    The motor has a double reduction gearbox.

    Waterproof class: IP65.

    Front suspension Zoom CH-386 suspension fork, 65 mm.

    Rear suspension Kind Shock, can be controlled till 295 kg.

    Wheels Light alloy, spoke wheels 26 х 1,5 in.

    Components: Disc brakes: LCHI DSK-320, 160 mm

    Chain: KMC Z51

    Rear derailleur: Shimano 21 Speed EZ Fire Shifting

    Tires: specialized crossroad tires 26x1.95 black.

    Headlights 11W

    650 lumen light output

    Up to 3 hours run time

    Up to 100 metre range

    Eco-mode top-speed: 25 kph for EU (legal e-bike speed limit)

    For more information visit our WebSite

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  2. zippinaround

    zippinaround Active Member

    only 2000€ hahaha i would definitly build my own for 2000 could probably make something better
  3. Dmar

    Dmar Member

    I havn't had the pleasure of riding one. So I can't really give my opinion.
  4. Frankenstein

    Frankenstein Well-Known Member

    Well I can tell you if I saw a cockroach like that picture anywhere near my neighborhood I would kill it.

    Electric bikes are eh... Don't get me wrong, they are quiet, simple as far as parts go, reliable, don't smell like a musty garage. People swear by them and love them and the local bike shop hasn't sold one in months. But me, personally, I like loud, overly complicated, sorta reliable, and stinky gas burning petrol engines.

    Would be nice to have the that 500watt 48 volt powersource however, I could make quite a light show out of it, maybe even get my Flux capacitor running too.
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  5. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    they are weak and slow
    the longer your ride the weaker they get
    the batteries wear out fast
  6. Frankfort MB's

    Frankfort MB's Well-Known Member

    I like the idea of a fairing on a bike like that but it is ugly:)
  7. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    I was considering electric instead of ICE. I don't really need a lot of power, but to get the range I need I would have to carry spare batteries in the trailer and the cost is about the same as ICE but as Jaguar has just said.. Batteries wear out. They're the biggest cost so it seems like it would be expensive and only offset if I can use a lot of cheap electricity. I have one campsite I stop at where I can do that but I don't think I will be staying there all that often. Most of my rides won't have opportunity to recharge at all.
  8. JGH122

    JGH122 Member

    Electric bikes are not there yet.
    Limited range, takes hours to refill the tank, battery life is iffy at best and you never know when its going to just die.
  9. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    Geez that thing is ugly. I am an ICE enthusiast, and was an auto mechanic for over 30 years. I ride and work on motorcycles and scooters. Still I wouldn't mind having a motorized bicycle for riding on some really nice local bike paths. But the price for one with the range I need is crazy, close to $3000. And being the mechanical type, I really don't have the knowledge to build an ebike from scratch.
  10. jatgm1

    jatgm1 Member

    this is clearly a controversial topic here, from my experience with electric bicycle's there are good things and bad things, but buying one pre made is usually problematic. a pre made electric bike means you have to deal with the specs they give you or modify it. and if you modify it then you may as well go and build one because the stock wiring in some of them is downright horrendous. i build my own e bike, and what i regret is using a lifepo4 battery. yes their safer, but their much more expensive and have less energy density than lipo. and lifepo4 batteries are complete garbage if you buy them from an disreputable dealer. basically anything on ebay is garbage. and yes, lipo can explode, just like gasoline. this is why you mount it in the center of the bicycle and souround it with something that will take damage. plastic frame for instance. plus the pedals usually get messed up not the battery. if you mount a lipo battery on a rear rack, you damn well better make sure that thing is bullet proof. the plus side of electric bicycles is power. and i know you'll all get uppidy on me for saying that, but you can get two cro motors and a bunch of lipo batteries and get your bicycle going 60 or more. ive seen the things doing burnouts in parking lots, and some guy with an electric bike blew me away in a parking lot, the thing had a massive battery and two huge hub motors, the likes ive never seen before. if i didnt know better i would think he had a damn jet turbine on the thing. now, to sum it up, if your gonna go gas, you are gonna be limited by the law because cops can hear a big loud engine, and yea, your limited by the law with electric, but ill be damned if i see a cop take out a multimeter and ask to check you battery voltage. not to mention their not even allowed to do so without your permission. and since their so quiet theirs no probable cause. if you want something cheap, go gas. if you want something that can haul ass without getting caught, go with two direct drive hub motors and a bunch of lipo batteries wired properly with a good charger. and yea, the batteries do eventually wear out, but if you get good batteries with a good bms and charger youll have quite a run per battery pack. thats like saying you shouldn't get a gas one because the tank runs dry. theirs a price to pay with electric bikes because the batteries we have today are not flux capacitors, their lithium. and until we get a more effective battery technology were stuck using them. either that or nicad or lead acid. and neither of them are gonna get you over 30 for long.
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  11. Steve Best

    Steve Best Well-Known Member

    I love ICE engines. I'm into this sport to experiment on 2 stroke engines, but I gotta agree that electric has its charms.
    I have several electric bikes I picked up to try. All are originally Sealed Lead Acid batteries.
    This is the most silly:
    It is 250w center mounted motor to a rear wheel freewheel. The wooden box was the original owner's mod to mount 2 car batteries in the back. WOW, it would go for MILES! it was terribly heavy however. I am running 2 well worn SLA batteries or 2 Walmart Lithium booster packs. Single speed, small short pedals. Very light. About 10mph (a guess) and 3-10+ miles depending on what batteries you use. More of a toy, but actually kinda fun around town or trail.

    This is a sweetheart of a folder. I take it traveling and the girlfriend loves it. Single speed but keeps up with city traffic and has very good range, at least 10 miles with some pedaling.

    My favourite:
    The Grubee is just sitting there, propped in for a test fitting. Schwinn Izip. 20mph and 20mile range, easily with pedalling. Single speed on electric, 7 pedal speeds. My favourite city bike but not great for long distance. I like the quiet and the help on the hills.

    Another folder:
    This is 7speeds center drive thru a pedal sprocket freewheel. It is a bit slow and underpowered with 24v, may need more voltage. I have no info on what the orignal battery was. It was $25 at a roadside yard sale. Shown are the Walmart Li Booster batteries. No controller on it yet, power on, power off.

    My latest "test mule". 48cc engine in a generic frame.
    Not electric, but what I am riding daily at the moment, testing castor oil, Maxima 927.

    I agree with pretty much all of the posters here in this thread. I'd like to have it all. Quiet and smooth in town, speed and range out in the country. Working on an eventual hybrid.

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  12. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    Despite my love for internal combustion, I would love to have an electric bike to ride on local bike trails. We have a lot of them around here. One, along a canal bank, is over 30 miles long. I used to ride it from end to end, then ride back home again. That was before I got hit with a crippling medical condition. Yes, I used to be in great shape, 190 pounds, a lot of muscle. Not anymore. I would love to ride on that bike path again, at maybe 5-7 mph, and ride for close to halfway and back. That means a 30 mile no pedal range. There are bikes out there that will do that. But they cost as much as a car. Somebody said electric bikes are not there yet. I doubt they will ever be there. Usually when a new technology catches on, it improves by leaps and bounds. Like computers, smart phones, GPS, the internet, etc. But that has not happened with electric vehicles. There have been no major improvements in a long time, and they just keep getting more and more expensive. Based on the past, I don't believe that battery powered electric vehicles will ever become viable, unless someone comes up with some kind of "superbattery" that can provide sufficient range and short recharge times, and still be priced within reason. And I don't see that happening within the next 20-30 years. I believe that a number of other non ICE technologies have a much better chance at meeting that goal in a much shorter time frame.
  13. jatgm1

    jatgm1 Member

    if you can wire lipos then you can have a decently priced battery. just run like hell if it gets punctured.
  14. Someday soon electric will rule the roads.
    But for the immediate future, the internal combustion engine is king.
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  15. JunkyardDog

    JunkyardDog Active Member

    I am a total ICE enthusiast. Cars, motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, gas powered bicycles. The ICE is what got me into the vehicle hobby long before I was even a teenager. In class I would read hot rod and motorcycle magazines, and rebuilt my first car engine at around 12 years old (with a little help) I have been a drag racer and hot rodder since age 16. Electric vehicles are the antithesis of internal combustion. Nevertheless I would have one if they weren't so expensive. A cheap bike with a 5 mile range would do me no good at all. I would need one with a 30 mile no pedal range, and while they do exist, the price is absurd. Way more than I would pay for an electric anything. Electrics have two HUGE problems. Price and lack of range. And it doesn't appear those issues will be solved anytime soon. I seriously doubt there is any long term future in electric vehicles. The problems seem insurmountable. I believe there are other power sources that have a much greater potential. Electric vehicles have been around for over 100 years, and there has been no real progress made. I think it is time to look elsewhere.
  16. Hive

    Hive Member

    Electrics are like anything else...relative: to people, use and more. The 34 KG figure for an electric is high, more like 4-8 KG or 6 to 12 lbs...direct drive hub front or rear. Cost is higher, good hub motor from Grin or affiliate can run $500 USD and battery the same. Controller has to match battery and motor needs. No skimping.

    I would never consider buying a ready-made electric...convert with kit is too easy to get involved with very spendy proprietary equipment.

    Motors do not go far, without recharge...commutes are fine, but cross country no. The motors can be very fast and some are geared for hard work but heat can be a problem.

    You like chains and so on, you can find or simple single hub rig. Battery can be simple, spendy, bottle or frame bag. Like everything, minor picky stuff...you do homework, you will do well.

    No noise, no gas etc, easy install really as kits come with all but battery. I look for no-hassle quality running rigs.

    I am selling my outstanding GEBE rig and bike to go to Swift folder using electric...I would likely stay GEBE as it is the best, but the firm does not make kit for 20 inch or 406 wheels, sadly.

    You want to learn more about electric bike, go on-line at electric.com.
  17. Someday soon electric will rule the roads.
    But for the immediate future, the internal combustion engine is king.
    When a electric bicycle will go 40 mph for 40 miles without recharge, at a reasonable price ...count me in!
    Untill then, I prefer internal combustion....
  18. lowracer

    lowracer Member

    Gotta chime in here.
    I have been building gas powered bikes and wheeled contraptions for a long time and just recently cared to learn more about electrics.
    I was intrigued by next years Tesla 3 automobile launch and that the batteries they are producing out of their amazing Gigafactory in NV are the same type used in some well known e-bike packs.
    I bought the Bafang BBSHD kit from Luna Cycles w/52V Panasonic GA sharkpack battery & put it on my KMX Venom trike. I have another KMX Cobra trike with a Tanaka 47R & 1.5" friction kit.
    The electric is dead silent and pulls hard in every gear. I've since bought another BBSHD kit and installed it on 'The Beast" (pic in my avatar). The Beast has been a bike that has undergone many variations of engines and drive builds. I'll post those pics when I take them, but not today (hurricane Matthew here now).
    I'm sold on powering bikes using electrics instead of gas even though there are drawbacks (just like anything good in this life).
    This trike will do 35 mph w/the 42T front chainring but can definitely pull more with a larger chainring. Now I need to find that guy who you could mail your wheels to and get them built up with heavy duty spokes. I've broken a total of seven font spokes cause it handles like a race car and accelerates like one too :)
    The technology is growing quickly and will probably change the future of fuel/power for all industry.
    venomfang3.jpg venomfang5.jpg
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  19. FurryOnTheInside

    FurryOnTheInside Well-Known Member

    Nice. Trike. :eek:
    Room for a spare battery pack too, by the looks of it. :) What range can you get from the battery pack? And how fast can you recharge it? :)
  20. lowracer

    lowracer Member

    I usually ride it between 30-40 miles without pedaling and gettin it. I can tell the battery is starting to get weaker but haven't hit the low voltage cutoff.
    Recharge can be very fast on amp setting 5 or slow on the 2-4 amp settings. I usually also set the smart charger for 80% charge (54V) instead of 100% since its supposed to extend the life of the battery.
    Every now and then I'll charge to 100% and really enjoy the added oomph @ 58V.
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