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Jun 5, 2018
Hello everyone

I am member of the team Urban Drivestyle in Berlin. We manufacture products of brand UNIMOKE” and more particularly of the electric bicycles than we dispatch through the whole world.
We propose the cool look of a auto-cycle vintage at very last technology e-bike!
Our selection of options of loading and seats is ideal for the urban cyclists!
Conceived and manufactured in Germany, electric bicycle UNIMOKE will take you along everywhere with style!


Price: 2 490€
Speed: 25 Km / h
Engine: 250 W Engine BAFANG G06
Range: 40 -45 km (30-40 miles) depending on the rider's weight, terrain, slope, etc.
LCD display with speed controls, pedal assist, mileage and time
3 levels of pedal assistance
Brakes: Disc brakes Tektro / Magura 180 mm
PAS Sensor: Magnetic cadence sensor
Material: Stainless steel
Pedals: set of alloy pedals
Off-road tires: 20 "x 4"
Robust stand (aluminum alloy)
Throttle: Optional (right side)
Accessories: 7 "metal headlight, rear brake lights, steel fenders
CroMo steel frame
Weight: 29 kgs
Packing: 35 kg (170 x 35 x 120 cm)
Weight capacity: 320 lbs (160 kg)
Battery: Samsung 48V 14.6 Ah (696 watt / hour), includes a set of keys
Battery charging time: 3-4 hours
Color: white, black, others on request
Length (front of the front wheel at the rear of the rear wheel): 170 cm
Width (handlebars): 61 cm
Height to seat: 83 cm

the model is also available for a power of 500W and 750W for 25 or 32km / h.

It is available in different designs and colors and is very advantageous:

-We designed the UNIMOKE as a true urban utility vehicle. With this extra-long seat, you can take 2 children or even a passenger with you.

-UNIMOKE features a set of 20-inch tires, which makes it not only an explosion to ride on rough urban roads, but also allows for occasional trips into the wild with its powerful rear engine.

- One of the special features of the UNIMOKE is its iconic flagship full-metal motorcycle. This powerful LED headlamp not only looks great, it clearly signals to others that there is a motor vehicle approaching.

-UNIMOKE combines the cool and solid feeling of driving a vintage moped with the freedom to own a legal street bike: No helmet, insurance or license required.

We also sell several accessories which can be associated with the electric bicycles (trailers, doors luggage, lock, lamps, helmets, seat belts, etc).
To visualize these products and to learn with better knowing us, you can go on our website: If you also have knowledge on Berlin or come one day to visit the city it is completely possible to test the product.

For all questions or information requests (delivery, payment, etc) please contact me by e-mail :


Julien Longuemare

DSC04831_d68328a4-b3b6-48ad-8487-6ae73d33c7b2_400x400.jpg DSC04837_400x400.jpg DSC04843_400x400.jpg DSC04845_400x400.jpg DSC04853_400x400.jpg e817f7aa-d627-4daa-ac27-80f7040ac686_400x400.jpg


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Good thing you started here, you'll want to run your advertising by some native English speakers before televising anything. Say what exactly do you mean by it's an explosion to ride on rough urban roads, explosion like I've got diareah and these roads are too rough type of explosion, or explosion like these roads are too rough and my tires exploded kind of explosion?
Your English is fine. Very cool! I’d love to have one.

Please ignore the trolls.
I wasn't trying to be mean, I do like the product too, first is obviously that minibike style frame and the second thing I noticed right away was that seat, it looked like it would be comfortable for any person just because it let's you adjust yourself to your length.

Now shipping from Germany is another thing in itself, but I've not seen a bike frame quite like that so it would be a good investment, especially if you like to diy upgrade, I could see it being an extremely reliable bike.
To be honest the bike sucks plain and simple. It's a modern day liberal version of a kids minibike minus the muffler. A cheapo wally bike with an HT is way more fun and advanced.
Hi! My Uni Moke Classic Bike acceleration button does not work. It was working just fine before! Now it doesnt work. The battery is fully charged and I am wondering How I can fix this? What may be the cause of it? Thanks so much! from nyc!
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